Thursday 27th February – Sunday 2nd March


We have had some mild temperatures recently but as we enter the meteorological Spring it looks set to turn slightly cooler with some night-time frosts.

Thursday sees any rain from overnight quickly clearing away eastwards on a fresh breeze. This then leaves a day of sunshine and some wintry showers with possible hail or thunder for the afternoon. Feeling cooler than recently, especially in the breeze, with highs of 7’C.

Generally a day of bright spells and the odd shower for Friday. However, there is a risk of some rain pushing up from the south which may give some wet-snow on the hills. It looks frosty and icy overnight. Highs of 6’C.

Cold start on Saturday with some places below freezing as we enter March. Some isolated showers are expected during the day but also with some bright spells. Highs of 6’C.

Sunday looks a reasonable day. Drier and a little milder. Bright spells across the region after an early shower-risk. Highs of 8’C.

Looking ahead temperatures look to stay around average and we will continue to see some showers at times but not as unsettled as recent weeks.

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