Thursday 6th March – Sunday 9th March


Some good news folks! Could we have a dry week ahead next week? Looking good.

A disappointing day on Thursday. Generally cloudy for most of the day with light rain and drizzle at times. Highs of 11’C.

Friday sees a wet morning with rain at times. This will push away south-east and a drier afternoon awaits with some brightness. Mild, highs of 11’C.

We start to drag in some “warmer” air over the weekend so temperatures will hopefully start to reflect Springtime.

Saturday looks a dry and bright day after any early drizzle eases. Feeling milder with highs of 13’C possible. Still a fair amount of cloud about though.

Sunday may drag more cloud across the region as the day progress and some outbreaks of light rain or drizzle are possible to the west by the afternoon. However, I’m hoping it stays at bay and with some bright spells we may locally sneak 14-15’C. The warmest day of the year likely.

Looking ahead it looks decent for the remainder of the week. High pressure in charge so lots of dry weather around and sunny spells. Mild temperatures during the day, around 11-12’C, but still with chilly, possibly frosty, foggy nights. We are in March after all.

February 2014 Stats: Warmest: 12.2’C; Coldest: -0.9’C; Wettest Day: 13.8mm; Windiest: 72mph (record); Total Rainfall: 81.4mm.
Also we saw 24 rainy days out of 28. Certainly a wet, miserable month.


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