Thursday 27th March – Sunday 30th March


Although nowhere near as cold and snowy as this time last year, we are experiencing some chilly days and nights. Good news. The weekend looks warmer.

Thursday starts with the odd shower around after a night of wintry showers. The day looks bright and dry for time before more scattered heavy showers appear into the afternoon and evening. Cold wind. Highs of 8’C

Friday looks mainly cloudy and light showers at times can’t be ruled out. A little brighter towards the east. Slowly becoming milder later in the evening. Highs of 9’C.

I’m not promising wall-to-wall sun this weekend, but certainly a warmer feel to our weather.

Saturday will be less cold and generally dry. Bright spells and for any areas seeing longer spells of sunshine the highs could be 14’C.

No frost worries and Sunday sees sunny spells and with temperatures a little higher. Low risk of a shower into the afternoon especially in hillier areas otherwise a pleasantly warm day with highs of 16’C.

Looking ahead temperatures will stay steady with dry spells and the odd shower.

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Thursday 20th March – Sunday 23rd March


After a decent dry spell, high pressure has slipped away and the unsettled conditions have returned and now it’s set to turn colder, so gardeners take note.

Thursday starts bright but heavy rain and gusty winds will spread across the region after lunchtime with a possible squall line. Clearer but colder conditions following on later with some showers. Highs of 11’C.

Friday may start with a ground frost in some sheltered parts followed by sunshine and some blustery showers. Much colder. Highs of 8’C.

The weekend seems to be a slowly improving picture with a risk of frosts on both mornings.

Saturday will still be breezy with more sunshine and heavy showers which maybe wintry at times with possible hail or thunder. Feeling cold, 7’C.

A cold start to Sunday and any showers short-lived. Slowly drier as the day progresses with some sunny spells. Still cold and a moderate frost overnight. Highs of 9’C.

Looking ahead into next week it looks like high pressure will return to settle the weather down with some night frosts followed by showers midweek.

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Thursday 13th March – Sunday 16th March

Finally! A high pressure, the first since December, arrived and took a hold of our weather to give us settled conditions and some decent periods of sunshine. I hope you’ve all taken advantage, but how long will it last?

Thursday looks to dawn misty and foggy across the region. This will lift into stubborn cloud that may take some time to clear. Once cleared we will see sunny skies again and it will remain dry and feeling pleasant. Highs of 14’C.

Fog or mist will return to some parts Thursday night and therefore Friday will dawn overcast in places. This cloud is likely to be harder to clear so any sunny spells will not filter through until later in the day. Highs of 13’C but areas that stay under the cloud may struggle to 9’C.

The weekend promised to be dry but it could be frustrating as we drag cloud in on a more noticeable north-westerly breeze.

Saturday looks cooler than recently and with more cloud and breezy. Some breaks in the cloud will allow for sunny spells to develop, these more likely to the east of the region but still limited. With the cloud-cover maximums will sit around 11’C.

On Sunday there is more chance of the cloud breaking up more; to give longer sunny spells and temperatures will respond. Remaining dry with highs of 14’C where we see the sunshine but only 11’C if you sit under cloud for most of the day.

Looking ahead into next week; after some rain possible on Monday the week looks quite settled with some brightness. Showers towards the weekend become a threat as the high pressure starts to slip away. Temperatures around normal for March.

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Thursday 6th March – Sunday 9th March


Some good news folks! Could we have a dry week ahead next week? Looking good.

A disappointing day on Thursday. Generally cloudy for most of the day with light rain and drizzle at times. Highs of 11’C.

Friday sees a wet morning with rain at times. This will push away south-east and a drier afternoon awaits with some brightness. Mild, highs of 11’C.

We start to drag in some “warmer” air over the weekend so temperatures will hopefully start to reflect Springtime.

Saturday looks a dry and bright day after any early drizzle eases. Feeling milder with highs of 13’C possible. Still a fair amount of cloud about though.

Sunday may drag more cloud across the region as the day progress and some outbreaks of light rain or drizzle are possible to the west by the afternoon. However, I’m hoping it stays at bay and with some bright spells we may locally sneak 14-15’C. The warmest day of the year likely.

Looking ahead it looks decent for the remainder of the week. High pressure in charge so lots of dry weather around and sunny spells. Mild temperatures during the day, around 11-12’C, but still with chilly, possibly frosty, foggy nights. We are in March after all.

February 2014 Stats: Warmest: 12.2’C; Coldest: -0.9’C; Wettest Day: 13.8mm; Windiest: 72mph (record); Total Rainfall: 81.4mm.
Also we saw 24 rainy days out of 28. Certainly a wet, miserable month.