Thursday 31st July – Sunday 3rd August


July has been a decent month but as we enter August the weather is set to turn unsettled with periods of showery rain.

Thursday will see some bright spells but also with a north-westerly breeze. This will introduce some scattered showers especially later in the day. Highs of 20°C.

Friday will see low pressure taking charge so expect frequent spells of showery rain with bright spells in between. Thunder a possibility. Cooler and breezy at times. Highs of 19°C.

Not much improvement over the weekend.

Saturday sees showers at times continuing and some prolonged periods of rain are possible, again don’t rule out some thunder. Feeling cool and breezy. Either side of the showers some bright spells are possible. Highs of 18°C.

Unsettled conditions stay in place for Sunday with little change. Bright spells either side of showers which might ease slightly later. Breezy. Highs of 19°C.

Looking ahead it continues unsettled with average temperatures with breezy and wet conditions at times.

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Thursday 24th July – Sunday 27th July

Issued: Wednesday 23rd July at 11:30am


Hope you’re all enjoying this weather.

July continues to be a decent month of summery weather with little complaints even after a stormy awakening on Saturday morning.

Thursday sees the lovely hot weather continue. It will remain dry with plenty of sunshine. Highs of 26°C but humid. Possibly misty overnight.

After a warm night’s sleep, Friday remains muggy with very warm sunny spells after any low cloud clears. There is an outside chance of a hefty late-afternoon shower. Highs of 26°C.

With it being July don’t forget sunscreen. In weather like this you will burn easily as UV levels are close to their UK high of 7.

Saturday will see more cloud especially later on. After any early cloud lifts it will be very warm with bright spells. We can’t rule out the risk of a heavy shower later in the day, as clouds build, but most places dry. Cooler evening. Highs of 24°C.

It looks like Sunday will be cooler with some sunny spells but with showers likely in the afternoon and evening. Highs down at 21°C.

Looking ahead it seems next week will be a little cooler but still quite settled with bright spells.

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Thursday 17th July – Sunday 20th July

Issued at 11:30am on Wednesday 16th July 2014

Hi all,

So the temperature has begun to rise and so has the humidity. But as per the norm in the UK, it won’t last and could end with a bang or two of thunder!

As we go into Thursday expect sunny spells and it remaining dry in most places. A decent day but feeling noticeably humid. Very warm with highs of 24’C.

After a warm uncomfortable night, Friday will see the hottest day of the year so far. We will see more cloud in the morning and also more sultry air coming up from the south but with it, the risk of a thundery showers especially early on. Brighter later and hot. Highs of 28’C.

The weekend looks showery but less hot.

Saturday sees a risk, especially to the east, of heavy thundery showers breaking out with possible thunder and hail. Bright spells can’t be ruled out, especially in the morning. Much cooler with highs of 22’C.

Similar on Sunday. Heavy but more scattered showers during the day with possible thunder again. In between, some warm bright spells. Highs of 22’C.

Looking ahead it remains warm with temperatures above average but with some scattered, heavy showers. There is a chance of another very warm spell coming up from the South.

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Thursday 10th July – Sunday 13th July


It’s an interesting forecast this week as warmer, humid air pushes in from the east which will produce some lively showers as air masses meet.

Thursday will be a sunny day and feeling pleasant especially so during the morning. Cloud spilling in later in the day as rain spreads in from the east in the evening with some heavier bursts, especially over the hills. Highs of 20’C.

As we head into Friday the rain band will move west and introduce much more warmer and humid air. It will feel very pleasant indeed in any sun but we can expect the warmth to trigger off some scattered heavy, thundery showers. A warm night ahead. Highs of 22’C.

Saturday will remain humid and feeling very warm in any sunshine. Expect a day of bright spells and scattered showers which will be heavy and possibly thundery. Highs of 22’C.

At the moment it looks likely that Sunday will be a little fresher, as winds are westerly. The bright spells and scattered showers theme continues, and heavy. Less humid with highs of 20’C.

Next week: Sunny spells and showers. Temperatures around average.

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Thursday 3rd July – Sunday 6th July


After a mixed bag last weekend and then a sunnier and warmer start to this week, the weather is again set to turn unsettled again after June 2014 was the driest month for 9 months.

After a very warm and lovely Wednesday, Thursday sees a change. A cloudy day with some patchy rain but not everywhere seeing some and it should be drier by evening. The breeze will also pick up. Highs of 19’C.

Into Friday it remains cloudy with rain slowly spreading across the region in the afternoon on a freshening noticeable wind. The rain is likely to become more persistent as the day progresses. Muggy with highs of 19’C.

Saturday sees any early rain clearing to a day of bright spells. Further showers can’t be ruled out as low pressure anchors close by. Feeling fresher. Still a cool breeze but easing slowly. Highs of 17’C.

On Sunday we can expect sunshine and some isolated heavy showers. These showers hopefully easing towards evening. Average temperatures with highs of 17’C.

Looking ahead sees a similar set-up with warm bright spells in between showers.

June 2014 Stats: Warmest: 23.1’C (18th); Coldest: 5.7’C (6th); Wettest: 12.8mm (7th); Windiest: 29mph (10th); Total Rainfall: 49.2mm.

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