Thursday 26th September – Sunday 29th September

We’ve had the odd summery-like weather day in the past week, but it looks like we may see something more unsettled later this weekend and into next week.

Thursday looks like being a generally cloudy day but some brightness is possible later in the day. There is a risk of drizzle too, especially on higher ground but most areas should remain dry. Muggy. Highs 16’C.

Friday is set to be a dry and brighter day hopefully with sunny spells and feeling less muggy. Highs 18’C.

As we enter the weekend we will see it try to turn unsettled.

Saturday should see a bright morning followed by more extensive cloud later as rain tries to make its way in from the south-west. Hopefully most areas will stay dry during daylight hours but don’t rule out some showery rain later. Highs of 17’C.

Sunday may see rain or showery conditions at times. However, this is still uncertain so don’t be surprised to see a cloudy day with some brighter spells. Highs of 17’C.

Next week looks like being generally cloudy with some showers possible but it may settle down later. Temperatures remaining above average so we can’t complain as we head into October .

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Thursday 19th September – Sunday 22nd September


September is here and what a miserable weather week it has been. Another wet day to come but then it’s nothing but improvement.

Thursday will see rain spread in from the west turning showery later in the afternoon and then drying up. Another chilly and breezy day. Highs of 14’C.

Friday may see a chilly start with some stubborn low cloud or mist. It will be a generally cloudy day but don’t rule out some bright spells and it should remain dry. Highs 16’C.

A cold start Saturday with some mist around. Some rurals spots may start at 3-4’C but soon warming up and a day of sunny spells awaits. Highs a better 18’C. Another chilly night to follow.

Sunday looks set to be another decent even summer-like day after a possible grey start with low cloud. This will burn off and a dry day is in store with some late-September warm sunny spells. I’m planning a BBQ as we could see highs touching 20’C. A huge improvement on last Tuesday’s high of 10’C.

Looking ahead it seems we will have a week of reasonably warm summery weather with chilly nights and generally dry with some decent sunshine.

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Thursday 12th September – Sunday 15th September

Hi all,

We are now firmly in September and the weather is certainly following suit as warm temperatures seem a distant memory after some chilly nights recently.

Thursday could start foggy but then looks like a cloudy day and we will probably see bits & pieces of rain or drizzle left over from Wednesday’s rain. Maybe some heavier rain later. Highs of 15’C.

Friday a generally cloudy start but bright spells peeking through so not a bad day. Maybe some drizzle to the south but it should be generally dry. Highs of 14’C.

The weekend seems a tale of two halves.

Saturday seems a similar day to Friday. Bright spells and it should stay dry. Highs of 16’C.

Sunday starts to see a change. Wet and windy weather will spread in from the west followed by showery brighter weather. Gales in exposed places. Feeling cooler especially in the wind. Highs of 13’C.

Looking ahead; more rain and wind on Monday followed by colder weather so really feeling autumnal.

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Have a good weekend.

Friday 6th September


If you read my Friday forecast in the Saddleworth Independent newspaper then you will notice I got Friday totally wrong (so did all the forecasters). It can’t be helped when a band of heavy rain develops within 24 hours of today and turns into a mass deluge. 😦

Apologies all. 😦

I had the low pressure developing over the weekend to give us a breakdown but it came early! 😦

Must improve! 🙂


Thursday 5th September – Sunday 8th September


After a few days of summery weather we are again back to the temperatures we would expect to see in September, so I hoped you managed to grab a BBQ or two whilst you could this week.

Soon clouding over on Thursday with drizzle or some light rain spreading in from the north-west. Some places will stay dry though. Still a reasonably warm day with highs of 18’C.

Friday will see cooler conditions across the region with a fresher feel and it’s looking likely to be a wet day with rain at times which will eventually clear late in the day. Highs a much cooler 15’C.

Saturday will be a day of some bright or sunny spells across the region and with occasional showers but Friday’s rain may linger on in some places early on. Highs of 16’C.

Sunday keeps the showery theme going with some bright spells as well. The showers should die away later in the day with rain possible overnight. Highs of 17’C.

Looking ahead the weather seems to be normal for September with occasional showers.

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August 2013 Stats: Warmest: 29.9′C; Coldest: 7.6’C; Wettest Day: 15.0mm; Windiest: 32mph; Total Rainfall: 60.4mm