Thursday 30th July 2015 – Sunday 2nd August 2015

Hi all,

Apologies for the delay today. It’s been a busy one and I’ve just managed to sit down to collate the forecast. A lot are asking when will summer reappear, or even appear you could argue. Signs of something a little warmer later in the weekend and early next week but it won’t last and any BBQ weather still can’t be seen on the horizon. 

Thursday will be a chilly start for the early-risers and some eastern parts might see a morning shower. Otherwise, the best day of this week. Plenty of sunny spells and feeling pleasant. We might sneak a 17°C.

Some early bright spells on Friday. These won’t last as cloud increases from the west and a breeze develops. It should remain dry until later when showers could develop. Rain is expected overnight. Max 17°C

Not a bad weekend ahead. Could be worse and it does warm up slightly later on. 

Early cloud and any rain quickly moves away and then we have a dry day on Saturday with bright spells. Temperatures similar to Friday. Max 17°C.

We drag in some warmer air into Sunday. Bright spells but cloud building more and more later in the day. I’m hopeful it stays dry during daylight hours. The SE of the UK will see some summery temperatures into the mid-20s. For us, it’s an 18 or 19°C on the cards. 

Looking ahead into next week; the SE remains very warm for a while but after Monday we will turn cooler again and likely to be unsettled with showery rain. The search for summer continues. 

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Thursday 23rd July – Sunday 26th July

Issued Tuesday 21st July 10:45pm

Hi all,
Hope you’re all well. I’m currently away on holiday in Cornwall and apart from one morning of rain we’ve had great weather with strong sunshine. The tan is progressing nicely. Back home though, it’s not been as nice and although the next 4 days aren’t too bad it looks cool next week and no sign of any heat in the remainder of July. 

Thursday looks a lovely day. A chilly start but a day of some prolonged sunny spells. Remaining dry. Perhaps a little breezy. Max 17°C.

Maybe some showers to start Friday. These should clear and another day of bright or sunny spells. Again, temperatures below average. Max 17°C.

High pressure builds in from the west for Saturday. However, as well as sunny spells we can’t rule out a shower. Max 17°C.

Sunday morning and early afternoon looks good with sunny spells. This will turn hazy later in the day. Cloudy into the evening with rain likely either late evening or overnight and into Monday. Max 18°C.

Looking ahead, a wet start to next week with fresh winds. Temperatures remain below the average. On the positive side there are hints, albeit a long way off, that August will turn warmer. Fingers crossed. 

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Thursday 16th July – Sunday 19th July

Hello all,

More talk of the weather heating up, but for now, that chance of occasional heat is reserved for the south and southeast of the UK. 

After a lovely, albeit not a scorcher of a Wednesday; we start Thursday with a morning of pleasant sunny spells. More cloud is expected into the afternoon and with it the breeze will pick up. Late evening and overnight there is a chance of some isolated heavy thundery showers and becoming windy. Quite muggy. Max 21°C.

Into Friday and a cloudy morning with some showers around. Brighter into the afternoon with sunny spells but notably and unseasonably windy with 35-40mph gusts possible in exposed parts. Fresher. Max 19°C.

The low pressure responsible for the windy weather slips away into the weekend and it settles down. 

Saturday will still be breezy with bright or sunny spells at times. Apart from an early shower it should remain dry and the breeze easing later on. Max 17°C.

A little more humid on Sunday but with variable cloud at times, still some bright spells and overall a fine day. Can’t rule out an early shower. Temperatures not really going anywhere. Max 18°C.

Looking ahead we look to stay under the influence of westerly winds. This means bright spells and no hot weather. Temperatures about average with some showers or showery rain possible. So changeable and not a heatwave in sight. 

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Thursday 9th July 2015 – Sunday 12th July 2015

Hi all,

Summer finally arrived as we ended June and entered July with 30°C being recorded across the region. This hot spell also gave warm sultry nights with unwelcome humidity. I don’t know about you, but I was glad it turned fresher and it didn’t last too long and as always, welcomed the lively thunderstorms. Any more heat to come? Let’s see. 

Thursday will be a settled day, which is something to be grateful for after the week so far. Sunny spells the order of the day and though not hot, pleasant in the sunshine. Max 16°C.

Warmer air for Friday as southwesterly winds drag up some moist and humid air. The rain should stay away to our northwest but a much warmer day with some bright or sunny spells again. Max 22°C.

High pressure to the east slips away so more cloud from the west during Saturday with some showery rain possible especially into the afternoon. Breezy and cooler than Friday. Max 19°C.

Some uncertainty on Sunday as the low pressure to our west tries to take control. It looks mainly cloudy and some light rain looks likely. Max 19°C.

The outlook into next week looks likely to see us in between the low and easterly high. This means plenty of cloud, some warm sunny breaks and scattered showers. Temperatures should sit around normal at 18-20°C, so no heat returning yet. 

June 2015 Stats: Warmest 27.5°C; Coldest 4.6°C; Wettest 23.6mm; Windiest 37mph; Total Rainfall 49.8mm. 

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Thursday 2nd July – Sunday 5th July

Hi all,

Well summer finally arrived and with it some record-breaking temperatures for my weather station. Tuesday the 30th of June was my hottest June day with the maximum at 27.5°C and the night’s minimum, also a record, was an unbearable 20.1°C with high humidity. 

For those of you, like me, not a fan (no punt intended) of the muggy, sticky air then good news for Thursday. The horrid air is squeezed away and it will feel fresher but still with very warm temperatures and sunny spells. One or two showers are possible. Max 23°C.

However on Friday the heat, but not as intense as Wednesday, returns giving us a hot day with sunny spells. The heat and humidity might see some thunderstorms set-off later in the evening and overnight with torrential downpours possible. Max 26°C.

The weekend starts with some leftover thunderstorms or heavy showers on Saturday which clear to fresher conditions once more and sunny spells. Max 23°C.

Sunday promises to be fresher again with sunny spells and some afternoon showers likely. Temperatures lower. Max 20°C.

The outlook for next week is for temperatures to return to normal with sunny spells & some scattered heavy showers. 

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