Thursday 9th July 2015 – Sunday 12th July 2015

Hi all,

Summer finally arrived as we ended June and entered July with 30°C being recorded across the region. This hot spell also gave warm sultry nights with unwelcome humidity. I don’t know about you, but I was glad it turned fresher and it didn’t last too long and as always, welcomed the lively thunderstorms. Any more heat to come? Let’s see. 

Thursday will be a settled day, which is something to be grateful for after the week so far. Sunny spells the order of the day and though not hot, pleasant in the sunshine. Max 16°C.

Warmer air for Friday as southwesterly winds drag up some moist and humid air. The rain should stay away to our northwest but a much warmer day with some bright or sunny spells again. Max 22°C.

High pressure to the east slips away so more cloud from the west during Saturday with some showery rain possible especially into the afternoon. Breezy and cooler than Friday. Max 19°C.

Some uncertainty on Sunday as the low pressure to our west tries to take control. It looks mainly cloudy and some light rain looks likely. Max 19°C.

The outlook into next week looks likely to see us in between the low and easterly high. This means plenty of cloud, some warm sunny breaks and scattered showers. Temperatures should sit around normal at 18-20°C, so no heat returning yet. 

June 2015 Stats: Warmest 27.5°C; Coldest 4.6°C; Wettest 23.6mm; Windiest 37mph; Total Rainfall 49.8mm. 

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Thanks for reading. 


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