Risk of snow and strong winds as an early taste of winter bites – Thursday 25th November 2021 – Sunday 28th November 2021

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All eyes on the weather this weekend as it turns colder, windier and in places wintry. Although we will escape the worst of the elements, it’s still a taster of the change of seasons. Will we see some snow? I’m expecting some to fall but more so on the hills where it could settle for a short period. With the ground still ‘warm’ at this time of year, settling snow doesn’t normal hang around long in areas away from elevation.

Thursday: A lovely day with plenty of sunshine after a frosty start. Feeling cold in the breeze. Cloud, wind and rain arriving later (overnight). Max 6°C

Friday: A deep area of low pressure will be swinging down from the NW which will bring the early rain. Colder air will dig in and the rain will turn showery. These showers will turn increasingly wintry especially over the hills (>300M), falling as sleet and snow. Hail is also expected with perhaps a rumble of thunder. Windy especially during the showers. A spell of rain and hill-snow possible overnight. Max 7°C

Weekend: Cold with a biting wind.

Saturday: During the early hours rain with some hill-snow (watch Twitter for updates) will move in, quickly clearing to plenty of sunny spells during the morning. A scattering of wintry showers for the afternoon. Most notable will be the bitter, sub-zero wind-chill. There is a weather warning in place for strong and gusty winds; 40mph widely but 55mph can’t be ruled out in exposed places. Raw day. Max 5°C

Sunday: Despite the breeze the day will start frosty with some icy patches. A mostly dry day with plenty of sunshine but very cold. Max 4°C

Outlook: Turning milder into Monday with rain, preceded by hill-snow. Tuesday should see us back up to double-figure temperatures with further rain. Colder later in the week with wintry showers returning.

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Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 24 of November 2021 at 8:15pm.

Colder Weather ahead – Thursday 18th November 2021 – Sunday 21st November 2021

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Autumn is drawing to a close and with winter approaching everyone’s daily weather chat turns to when will it snow; especially after the annual media articles begin to circulate about snowfall and plummeting temperatures. Truth be had, it is very hard to predict snowfall accurately in the UK, more than 5 days ahead, even 3 days in some cases. Our complex weather set-up can see the potential for snow and cold in the coming days, but, like the butterfly effect, a minor shift in the weather systems can mean a cold plunge from the Arctic, gets shifted into mainland Europe. You will be surprised how often this happens in winter and our hopes of some snowy scenes are dashed as milder Atlantic air takes hold. With winter a couple of weeks away, it is looking like the end of November will see it turn much colder and perhaps wintry, but this is subject to change for the very reasons mentioned above.

Thursday: Cloudy, very mild and breezy. The cloud might be thick enough for some local drizzle/light rain during the morning and low-cloud on the hills. Max 14°C

Friday: Still very mild with a south-westerly airflow feeding in around a high pressure. This high means it will be mostly dry but cloudy with some bright spells. Max 14°C

Weekend: Eventually colder and sunnier.

Saturday: Another mostly cloudy day with some brightness. Light rain is expected late-evening and overnight as a weather-front moves in. Max 12°C

Sunday: A cold-front will have moved through the region introducing colder air from the north-northwest but plenty of sunny spells after a ground-frost to start. Odd shower can’t be ruled out, which could be wintry on the highest hills. Max 7°C

Monday: A dry day with plenty of sunny or bright spells on offer. The day is likely to have started with a touch of frost and some isolated mist or fog patches. Max 8°C

Outlook: A lot of dry weather with high pressure close by to our west. Cloudy spells at times but equally some sunny spells. Cold nights with some frost where clear spells last the longest. Towards the end of the week it looks like low pressure will arrive disrupting the settled conditions. The position of the low, i.e. what wind direction we encounter, is uncertain. Just favourable is a cold air-mass, so we would be likely to see bright spells and wintry showers. So, just as we near winter, some sleet or snow showers, especially on the higher ground, becomes a possibility. No sign of the -11°C and widespread snowfall that those media articles promote though – just a standard late-Autumn/early-Winter cold-snap.

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Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 17th of November 2021 at 5:25pm

Colder next week? – Thursday 11th November 2021 – Sunday 14th November 2021

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November is turning out to be a mild month despite a couple of frosty mornings and a chilly start. This mild theme will continue but there were some hints at something colder, perhaps from the Arctic, into the latter part of the month but latest computer models suggest the Atlantic pattern will win out and we stick to relatively mild southwesterly winds.

Thursday: A brief ridge of high pressure so dry with bright spells for the morning. Cloud thickening later in the day with a few showers out west. Max 12°C

Friday: Low pressure out to the west will move in, so becoming breezy with patchy rain here and there. A little milder. Max 13°C

Weekend: Generally settled.

Saturday: Cloudy with limited brightness but it should remain dry. A light northerly breeze. Max 12°C

Sunday: Little change. Mostly overcast with some brightness, especially west-facing areas as the wind turns easterly but remains light. Max 12°C

Outlook: Generally a lot of cloud but mostly dry as high pressure centres over mainland Europe. As the week progresses the weather will become wetter and windier as the Atlantic influence returns. Temperatures around average. No sign of the snowfall some of the media keep ‘predicting’ and even frosts will be lacking.

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Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 10th of November 2021 at 10:05pm

Turning milder and cloudier after a frosty start – Thursday 4th November 2021 – Sunday 7th November 2021

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A new month and a change to conditions more accustomed to the time of year as we saw temperatures fall away after what was a mild October. The month started very wet on Monday with most places seeing over an inch of rain leading to some localised flooding.

Since the deluge we’ve seen drier and calmer conditions with just a few isolated showers around. The settled theme will continue but after some recent sunny spells we will be slipping back into a cloudier and milder weather pattern.

I took advantage of the sunny morning on Wednesday with a walk around Greenbooth and its reservoirs.

There is certainly no sign of any snow yet and definitely no exact date of when it will arrive 😂. That is just more media clickbait.

Thursday: First frost of the season to start your day with a coating of white and some lovely blue skies. Sunny spells the order of the day and remaining dry. A slight northerly breeze. Turning cold quickly after dark with a frost again for the first part of the night before it turns cloudier from the northwest. Max 9°C Min 1°C

Friday: High pressure will be slipping into our southwest but with it a lot of cloud toppling in from the west to northwest with some localised light rain or drizzle. Winds picking up and milder air will arrive. Max 12°C Min 8°C

Weekend: Some patchy rain later on Saturday.

Saturday: Cloudy with a fresh breeze. Cloud thick enough later for some sporadic rain towards evening. Max 12°C Min 8°C

Sunday: Looking at another cloudy day but there might be a bit of brightness here and there. Mostly dry and similar temperatures. Max 11°C Min 7°C

Outlook: Little change with plenty of cloud. Rain or drizzle towards midweek then showery. Temperatures 10-12°C with no frosts on the cards.

📊 October 2021 Stats

Max 18.7°C (8th)
Min 3.3°C (21st)
Av. 11.2°C
Wettest 10.8mm (20th)
Av. Humidity 86%
Av. Barometer 1012.8 hPa
Max Gust 34.5mph (31st)
Av. Wind Direction SW
Rain 102.4mm (86% of average)
Rain Registered Days 23
Dry Days 8

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Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 3rd of November 2021 at 6:40pm.