Thursday 1st May – Monday 5th May


Diurnal means a big temperature difference between day and night and we will see a perfect example of this, this coming Bank Holiday weekend.

Thursday will be a cooler day than recently and we can expect rain at times. This will push away south later allowing colder air to spread down from the north. A cold northeasterly breeze. Highs of 12’C.

Friday looks a reasonable day with a chilly start. Bright or sunny spells arriving during the day and it should remain dry. Feeling colder as winds are from a northerly direction. A cold night ahead with clear spells allowing for a widespread ground frost and an air frost in rural spots where we could see lows of -2’C so gardeners take note. Frosts in May aren’t common but always possible. Highs of 12’C.

The weekend promises a settled theme as high pressure will be in charge.

Saturday will be a decent day after that cold start. Sunny spells looks the order of the day and remaining dry. Light winds making it feel pleasant in the sunshine with highs at 14’C. A ground frost is possible overnight.

Sunday will see temperatures start to recover a little and it will remain dry with sunny spells. Possibly a little bit more in the way of cloud compared to Saturday. Highs of 16’C and again with light winds, feeling nice.

Bank Holiday Monday sees us hold on to the high pressure for another day so expect dry weather with warm bright spells. Highs of 18’C.

Looking ahead it looks like more unsettled weather with some rain will spread in from the west. To keep up-to-date with your local weather, follow @ChadWeather on Twitter.


Thursday 24th April – Sunday 27th April


Hope you all enjoyed the Easter break which saw some warm sunshine at times. We now have replaced this with more unsettled conditions.

Thursday looks like having a bright morning after a chilly start in some rural spots. However, showers will become quite frequent during the afternoon and some of them could be heavy with possible thunder. Highs of 15’C so not too bad in the brightness.

Friday seems a less lively day concerning showers. Mainly cloudy with some brightness throughout the day. An isolated shower is possible but not as widespread as on Thursday. Highs of 14’C.

The weekend seems to start off reasonable but still unsettled.

Saturday sees a bright morning but it should become breezy into the afternoon with rain spreading across the region. Feeling a little cooler with the cloud and rain. Clearer conditions into the evening. Highs of 13’C.

Sunday will be a day of sunshine and showers. These quite heavy again with hail or thunder. Showers easing away a little into the evening. Highs of 15’C.

Looking ahead it seems to remain unsettled with average temperatures. To keep up-to-date on your local weather, follow Jon, @ChadWeather on Twitter.


Thursday 17th April – Sunday 20th April


It’s been a lovely week but all change on Thursday as we lose the lovely Spring sunshine.

Thursday will be a cloudy day with a cool northwesterly breeze with some light rain possible during the morning. Drier later with limited bright spells, a big change from Wednesday. Highs of 11’C.

We are looking at a dry day on Friday but with sunny spells across the region. An improvement on Thursday. Highs of 13’C.

We should see more in the way of sunshine again on Saturday and feeling warmer. A dry day so we can’t complain but it could well be the last of some decent sunshine for a while. Highs of 14’C.

Friday and Saturday night could give a ground frost where skies stay clear the longest so gardeners be aware.

Easter Sunday is a tricky forecast with some uncertainty. It looks like bright spells will be replaced by cloudier skies as the day progresses with a risk of rain into the evening. Highs of 12’C.

Looking ahead signs are it will be unsettled, cool and showery so possibly not a great Bank Holiday Monday.

To keep up-to-date with your local weather, follow Jon, @ChadWeather on Twitter.


Thursday 10th April – Sunday 13th April


We slipped into a cooler spell recently with some wet days but this forecast promises some drier conditions.

Thursday will be a mainly cloudy day with some bright spells. A band of light rain or showers pushing down from the north-west later in the day fizzling out all the time. Highs of 13’C.

Friday looks a reasonable day with bright spells and staying dry. Winds light and highs of 13’C with a chilly night ahead with a low-risk of some ground frost in sheltered parts.

The weekend promises a lot of dry weather but with variable amounts of cloud so not blessed with copious amounts of sunshine.

Saturday sees another day of occasional bright spells. Later a band of cloud sinks south, weakening all the while with some spots of rain in places. Highs of 13’C.

Similar on Sunday with high pressure not too far away. This means bright spells again, once that band of cloud is out of the way, and generally a dry picture with light winds. Highs of 13’C.

Looking ahead we remain settled for a while but hints are for a cooler and possibly unsettled Easter with chilly winds. We’ll see.

To keep up-to-date with your local weather, follow Jon, @ChadWeather on Twitter.


Thursday 3rd April – Sunday 6th April


I hope you have all been enjoying the warmer weather that arrived as promised. I wish I could promise some more but it looks like the weather is set to turn a little more unsettled and also with a fresher feel and less Saharan Dust.

Thursday looks a mainly cloudy day but some warm bright spells and the odd shower can’t be ruled out. More general rain spreading from the south-west into the late evening. Highs of 16’C.

Early rain on Friday will soon be out of the way to leave reasonable day with brighter skies and a fresher feel to the weather. Well-scattered showers are possible later but only a low-risk. Highs of 15’C.

The weekend looks a mixed bag with temperatures returning to normal April values.

Saturday sees a mostly cloudy picture across the region. Some light rain or drizzle is likely at times, mainly to the west and this spreading across the region later in the day. Feeling pleasant in any brightness to the east. Highs of 13’C.

It doesn’t seem to improve on Sunday as again we can expect mainly cloudy skies with more general rain around which will become heavier and spread east during the day. Highs of 14’C.

Looking ahead it looks to remain unsettled at times with temperatures about normal for the time of year. To keep up-to-date with your local weather, follow Jon, @ChadWeather, on Twitter.

March 2014 Stats: Warmest: 14.9’C; Coldest: -0.4’C; Wettest Day: 10.6mm; Windiest: 35mph; Total Rainfall: 72mm