Thursday 19th December – Sunday 22nd December


Thursday will be a windy day but not as wet as Wednesday. Some wintry showers around, with possible hail and hill-snow but generally bright and breezy and feeling very cold. Highs of 5’C.

As we head into Friday we see another weather system heading our way. The day should be bright with the odd shower but rain and more strong winds is expected into the late evening. Highs of 7’C.

Still unsettled as we head into the weekend.

Saturday will see early rain clear followed by brighter weather with some showers. Windy especially at first. Some more organised rain possible overnight. Milder with highs at 9’C.

Sunday should be a day of bright spells with some well-scattered showers. Cooler once again and still remaining breezy. Highs of 6’C.

Outlook: Still no sign of any snowfall as we head toward the festivities. At the moment Christmas Day looks windy and feeling cold with some wintry showers.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas.

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Thursday 12th December – Sunday 15th December


Well we are currently stuck in a pattern of mild weather with quite a lot of cloud around and no sign of anything colder with snow yet.

Thursday will be a generally cloudy and mild. Rain will slowly spread south-east throughout the day. Breezy too. Highs of 10’C.

Friday sees another cloudy day and mild. There will be outbreaks of rain on and off and it will be windy. Highs of 10’C.

Saturday will see a greater chance of sunny spells and it will be a little cooler than previous days. Rain and wind likely later into the evening/overnight. Highs of 7’C.

Sunday looks cloudy and wet with some early rain then becoming brighter but with some showers and still windy. Milder again. Highs of 9’C.

The outlook shows temperatures around normal but with more unsettled weather likely as weather from the Atlantic dominates.

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Friday 6th December – Tuesday 10th December

Hi all,

We’ve had a couple of wild and cold days but it’s all set to settle down again and become milder.

Friday will feel cold in the north-westerly wind but a lot calmer than Thursday. Apart from a very isolated wintry shower it will be generally dry with bright spells in the morning. Some light rain likely later. Highs of 4’C.

The weekend sees the weather return to a quieter theme with temperatures beginning to recover.

Saturday will feel less cold than Friday but more extensive cloud possible during the morning with some light and patchy rain. The afternoon should be a little better with some bright spells. Highs of 6’C.

Sunday looks generally cloudy with limited brightness. Some light rain or drizzle likely especially later on. Feeling milder with highs of 8’C.

Monday and Tuesday both look dry with quite a lot of cloud around, mainly on Monday but bright spells should eventually appear and become more widespread by Tuesday. It will be feeling quite mild for the time of year with highs even reaching 10’C by Tuesday.

November 2013 Stats: Warmest: 11.9’C; Coldest: -2.1’C; Wettest Day: 18.2mm; Windiest: 44mph; Total Rainfall: 66.4mm.

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Quick Update for Next Week


Monday: Cloudy and dry. Reasonably mild still. 8’C

Tuesday: Similar. Cloudy and dry but expecting light rain into the evening. Mild. 8’C

Wednesday: Light rain slowly spreads through the region. Cooler later. 7’C

Thursday: The change begins. Windy especially as the day goes on. Rain, heavy at times spreading south. Much colder air digs in and there is a chance the rain could turn to snow, especially on the higher ground but even to lower levels later. Icy and snow showers overnight giving a covering in places. 5’C

Friday: Bitterly cold with a keen strong northerly wind which will give a significant wind-chill. Some snow showers are expected which maybe heavy at times. These should ease away to our west later. 2’C but feeling like -5’C. Frosty and icy overnight.

Saturday: Sunny spells but still very cold. Winds easing so less of a wind-chill but a frosty start and evening. Odd isolated snow shower still possible. 4’C

Sunday-Monday: Dry with bright spells and starting to get milder again. 5-6’C