Thursday 26th March – Sunday 29th March

Hi all,


Thursday will see rain during the morning, heavy in some places. Windy into the afternoon but this introduces drier and brighter conditions with the odd shower. Feeling cold with a keen north-westerly wind. Chance of some overnight frost. Max 9°C.


It looks to be a chilly and bright start to the day on Friday but cloud will increase to bring rain by the afternoon but it is expected to be light and patchy and some places might stay dry. Max 9°C.


Possibly a brief dry start to Saturday then it looks like a low pressure will swing in from the west giving us a disappointing day with showery rain at times. Maybe a little brighter late in the day with some showers following on. A bit milder temperature-wise, but not feeling so due to the windy conditions. Max 12°C. 


Sunday looks unsettled again with a windy picture and showers likely, maybe merging into longer spells of rain later in the day. Mild temperatures. Max 12°C.


Looking ahead it looks to remain unsettled with showers and quite windy at times. Easter weekend, at the moment and subject to change, looks cold and showery. No sign yet, of the sunny Spring warmth we’re all hoping for.


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And yes I will update my snowy cover photo to something more Spring-like. ☀️👍





Thursday 19th March – Sunday 22nd March

Hi all,


Thursday looks a reasonable day after a chilly start with a lot of dry weather around and some sunny spells developing in places. With light winds it will feel pleasant in any sunshine. Max 10°C.


We drag in a north-westerly wind into Friday bringing cloud and although some places might stay dry we can’t rule out some spots of rain; not good news for the partial eclipse although there is a chance of broken cloud early on. It will feel colder in the breeze. Max 9°C.


So what does the weekend hold? High pressure builds slightly on Saturday so a day of settled weather but a lot of variable cloud. Generally dry but we can’t rule out some local drizzle especially to higher ground. It will feel cool again as we have a fresh northerly breeze. Max 8°C.


Sunday sees a battle of high pressure versus fronts from the Atlantic trying to push in. The drier weather should hold out for most of the day with any bright spells being replaced with thicker cloud from the west. Eventually the fronts win and rain looks likely overnight into Monday. Max 9°C.


Looking ahead we start the week with cold north-westerly winds with some rain. After possibly a drier slot midweek, more rain or showers arrive.


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Thursday 12th March – Sunday 15th March

Updated: 19:00 Wednesday 11th March

Hi all,

Thursday will be dry for a good part of the day with sunny spells, especially early on. Cloud slowly increasing with rain arriving late evening and overnight. A little milder. Max 11°C.

Friday will see early rain clear eastward then generally cloudy with some brightness. Later in the day there’s a chance that the rain will return and feed back in as the winds turn easterly. Cooler. Max 8°C.


High pressure builds as we enter Saturday so any rain dying out early to give a dry day but with plenty of cloud. Some brightness and light winds. Feeling cooler. Max 7°C.


Quiet on Sunday. A lot of variable cloud, some bright spells but at least it’s mainly dry. Winds light but generally coming from an easterly direction so a cold feel. Max 5-6°C.

Looking ahead, it stays settled with plenty of cloud, some brightness but mainly dry with a cool feel. 

Frosts limited due to cloud amounts.


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Thursday 5th March – Sunday 8th March 2015

Hi all,


After entering March on a wintry flavour it’s set to become milder.


Thursday will start bright with some sunny spells. The afternoon will be cloudier with some rain possible but not everywhere. Winds now from a south-westerly direction bringing milder air. Breezy. Max 10°C.


We struggle to shake off the cloud into Friday as well, with some patchy rain continuing in the morning under cloudy skies. I’m hopeful the afternoon brings more in the way of sunshine though. Max 11°C.


The start of the weekend will be even milder.


We are in the middle of two weather systems as we enter Saturday so generally cloudy with some occasional drizzle possible but hopefully staying away to the northwest. If this does then we can expect pleasant Spring sunshine. Max 13°C or even a 14°C.


Expect a day of some bright spells early on, on Sunday but also a lot of variable cloud. Rain can’t be ruled out later into the afternoon. Mild but a little cooler. Max 12°C.


Looking ahead it looks more settled but temperatures likely to drop back to the norm.


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