Turning Cooler – Thursday 29th August 2019 – Sunday 1st September 2019

Hi all,

As Summer comes to a close, I hope you enjoyed the short hot and sunny spell, which saw temperatures reach 29°C on Sunday and some uncomfortable nights for sleeping. Change is now here and it will have an Autumnal feel as we head into the weekend.

Thursday: Sunny spells with the odd scattered shower, especially into the early-afternoon. Windy but pleasant in the sunshine. Max 19°C

Friday: Sunny spells for the morning then cloud thickening into the afternoon with rain expected by late-evening. Another windy day. Max 19°C

Weekend: Cooler and showery.

Cooler Weekend and Next Week

A much-cooler airflow by Sunday

Saturday: Breezy with morning rain moving SE. Once through, it will brighten up, but become showery. As winds swing to a west or north-westerly it will start to feel much cooler. Max 16°C

Sunday: Plenty of showers on a fresh and gusty north-westerly wind. A chill in the air on the first day of Autumn. A cold night with temperatures well-down into single-figures for some. Max 15°C

Outlook: High pressure close by to the west or south-west will start to settle things down. Expect a lot of drier weather with sunny spells. Temperatures recovering slowly to the seasonal average but still some fresh nights. If the high pressure struggles to take hold then we will end up with cloudy days and some drizzle. Watch out for updates on Twitter.

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Forecast Issued at 09:45 on Wednesday the 28th of August 2019
Images: www.netweather.tv

Summer’s Swansong – Thursday 22nd August 2019 – Bank Holiday Monday 26th August 2019

Hi all,

Welcome news. Summer is returning, after what has been a poor August to say the least. Warmer, drier and sunnier weather on the way. One last Summer BBQ is in order.

Thursday: Weather fronts still close by so a cloudy day with any patchy rain during the morning easing away. Max 20°C

Friday: Dry with a cloudy start. Sunny or bright spells will develop during the day. Starting to feel warmer. Max 22°C

Long Weekend: Summery

Saturday:  Sunny spells, light winds and feeling very warm. There could be quite a few cloudy spells at times, so areas seeing more sunshine than others, will see the highest temperatures.  Max 23-25°C

Warm Sunday

Sunday Afternoon Temps – Summer is back – for a few days at least

Sunday: A perfect summer’s day on the cards. Dry, plenty of sunny spells and hot. Max 24-26°C

Bank Holiday Monday: Perhaps a little cooler but still a great day for a Bank Holiday. Sunny spells and staying dry. Max 23-24°C

Outlook: Remaining very warm with temperatures close to the mid-20s. A showery breakdown is expected midweek, with a few thunderstorms possible. Eventually much cooler with temperatures returning to 19-20°C by the following weekend.

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Forecast Issued: Wednesday 21st August 2019 at 3:20pm


Remaining Unsettled then Improvements – Thursday 15th August 2019 – Sunday 18th August 2019

Hi all,

August, a month never to be trusted. We’ve had an unsettled week of weather with some conditions more like early Autumn. There is more wind and rain to come, but there could be light at the end of the tunnel just in time for the Bank Holiday Weekend.

Thursday: Showers on a northwesterly wind to start the day but these will eventually fade by the afternoon. So, a drier and better end to the day with sunny spells. Max 19°C


Another Autumnal-like low arrives on Friday

Friday: An unsettled day, as a band of rain, some heavy, comes in from the west. It will also turn breezy. The rain will turn showery later in the day but some of these will be heavy and perhaps prolonged. Max 18°C

Weekend: Breezy with showers

Saturday: Low pressure anchored to the northwest of the UK, so it will be windy with some showers. Some uncertainty on how many showers at this stage, but hopefully not too many and some sunny spells in between. Max 19°C

Sunday: A dry start for most with bright or sunny spells.  It will become increasingly windy as the day progresses, gusts to 35mph and bands of showers will arrive leading to a wet afternoon and evening.  Max 18°C

Outlook: A slightly unsettled start but from midweek the weather looks set to improve as the Jet Stream buckles and this gives high pressure a chance to build. As we head towards Bank Holiday it’s currently looking good with settled conditions, sunny spells and temperatures recovering to the early 20s. As always, this time-frame is in the unreliable window so look out for updates on Twitter.

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Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 14th of August 2019 at 11am.
Image: wxcharts.com

Unusually windy – Thursday 8th August 2019 – Sunday 11th August 2019

Hi all,

Since the heatwave our weather has turned unsettled with plenty of showers and rain for the gardens. We’ve kept some of the humidity but temperatures have been pegged back slightly. August can be a funny month, usually delivering quite a bit of rain through downpours and thunderstorms and the outlook is not much different.

Thursday: A lovely day, the calm before the storm you could say. Dry with warm, sunny spells and not a windy as lately. Max 22°C

Deep Low Friday

More like Autumn on Friday


Friday: An deep area of low pressure, unusual for August, will sweep in from the south-west. Heavy rain early on followed by sunny spells then frequent showers which could be thundery. Becoming windy. Despite the wind and rain it will be muggy. Warning in place for rain. Max 23°C

Weekend: Unsettled and very windy at first.

Saturday: Very windy with 35-40mph gusts with a warning in place. Frequent showers with some of them falling as hail with thunder and lightning. Cooler. Max 19°C

Sunday: Rain at first then becoming drier with sunny spells developing and becoming less windy. Max 18°C

Outlook: It’s hard to find any sign of settled, sunny and warmer conditions. More like Autumn for now with temperatures struggling to reach 20°C.

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Forecast Issued: Wednesday 7th August 2019 at 6:10pm
Image: http://www.wxcharts.eu