Thursday 27th July 2017 – Sunday 30th July 2017

Hi all,

I’m back from a lovely holiday in Gran Canaria, which brought temperatures of 28-30°C and glorious sunshine, which was very strong (UV 12). I’m missing it already. So, is there any summery weather returning to our region to lift spirits?

Thursday: A day of sunshine and showers with some windy conditions during any downpours. The showers look particularly heavy at times with a risk of thunder and lightning. Max 18°C

Friday: Low pressure still close by, so another day of bright spells and showers, but there will be fewer compared to Thursday and the showers will ease into the afternoon. However, that said, cloud will thicken and rain is expected late-evening and overnight with some heavy bursts. Max 18°C


A showery weekend ahead with some breezy conditions

Saturday: We return to sunshine and showers and breezy at times. Any lengthy spells of sunshine in between the showers will make it feel pleasant. Max 17°C

Sunday: We go again. Sunshine and some showers and some of them heavy. Max 18°C


The unsettled weather continues into next week

Looking ahead: Showery or longer spells of rain on the cards with temperatures remaining at similar values; 17-19°C, so definitely no sign of any settled, hot, summery weather returning.

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Thursday 13th July 2017 – Sunday 16th July 2017

Hi all,

Apologies the late blog today; too busy packing for Gran Canaria :).

I personally think we’re having a decent summer so far and although this week started off wet (the rain was needed), it’s settled down again and there are some hints that even warmer weather could return next week. 

Thursday: Sunny spells and feeling pleasant. There is a chance of a scattered shower. Max 21°C

Friday: Cloudier with some bright spells but it should be mostly dry after some morning showers. It will be breezy and cooler. Max 17°C

Saturday: Moist southwesterly winds will drag in warmer air again so feeling muggy. Some early rain is expected then it should become drier with some late-afternoon brightness which will lift the temperature. Max 20°C

Sunday: Mostly cloudy, some brightness and the odd isolated shower possible. Max 18°C

High pressure should be there or thereabouts next week

Outlook: High pressure could build in and bring warm settled conditions with sunny spells as we enter next week. If it remains and we drag in air from the continent then expect temperatures well into the 20s.

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Thursday 6th July 2017 – Sunday 9th July 2017


After a wet, but at times very warm June, we have started July with mixed conditions. 

Thursday: A humid day with hazy sunny spells and a small chance of an isolated shower during the morning. Muggy air drifting up from the south will bring a risk of localised thunderstorms into the afternoon, especially to the east and over the Pennines. These storms are a risk but not certain so don’t be surprised to see nothing like the last time we had a warning in place. Humid. Max 26°C 

Friday: Sunny spells during the morning but turning more cloudier into the afternoon but staying dry. Slowly becoming a little fresher. Max 21°C 

Saturday: Some light rain spreading from the west for the morning. Fresher, breezy conditions follow into the afternoon/evening with some sunny spells. Max 17°C 

Sunday: Bright spells with some scattered showers but very localised. Similar temperatures to Saturday. Max 16°C 

Looking ahead: Bright spells and a few spells of showery rain sneaking in from the northwest occasionally. Temperatures below average, hovering around the late-teens, so disappointing.

June 2017 Stats
Max 27.6°C
Min 8.2°C
Wettest 21.8mm
Windiest 40mph
Rain 101.2mm
Rainy Days 18
Dry Days 12

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Forecast Issued at 8pm on Wednesday the 5th of July 2017