Thursday 1st October 2015 – Sunday 4th October 2015

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Just a quick one this week as I’m off to catch a plane to Spain to enjoy some sunshine and temperatures into the late-20s. 😉🍻☀️

High pressure has dominated our weather for ages and this will continue but a change is on the way next week. 

Thursday will dawn cold and possibly misty. Any cloud will break up to give another day of warm sunny spells. Max 16°C.

Not much change into Friday but the high will start to move a little and this means a bit more in the way of cloud but again bright spells coming through. Max 15°C.

The weekend will see more cloud get trapped under the high pressure. This will result in less cold nights but the days will contain less sunshine and therefore be cooler. 

Saturday and Sunday will see plenty of dry weather but also plenty of cloud. Not too bad in any sunnier spots but certainly chilly and feeling like October where the cloud persists. Max 13-15°C

Next week sees a slow change to unsettled conditions with rain coming in from the west and back to the more usual Autumnal conditions. 

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Thursday 24th September 2015 – Sunday 27th September 2015

Hello all,

Not much going on lately on the weather front and we look to end the month on a static note. It’s likely October will provide a more lively autumnal feel. 

Thursday will be a breezy day across the region with showers. Some of these possibly heavy with a rumble of thunder. These showers become more scattered later in the day. Feeling cool. Max 14°C.

High pressure starts to build from the southwest into Friday. This will give us a day of bright spells after some early showers. Max 14°C.

The high pressure centres itself over the country over the weekend so plenty of dry weather. 

A chilly start to Saturday with local mist or fog patches. A day of sunny spells to follow and dry. Pleasant in the sunshine. Max 15°C.

Not much change into Sunday. Some of the mist/fog might be slow to clear in some places and lift into low cloud. Bright spells and again dry. Max 16°C but cooler where low cloud persists. 

Into next week it looks like the high pressure stays put bringing dry bright days and cold nights where skies remain clear. These clear skies will also bring the risk of mist, fog and ground frost. Temperatures should pick up slightly during the week. Later in the week there is some uncertainty whether the Jet Stream takes control and the settled weather gives way to showers or longer spells of rain. Only time will tell. 

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Thursday 17th September 2015 – Sunday 20th September 2015

Hi all,

After a settled week last week with some welcome pleasant September sunshine our weather returned to the norm with some Autumnal conditions. These are set to continue but it does show signs of settling down for the weekend.

Thursday will start chilly with some local mist patches. These will clear away and leave a day of bright spells and with the odd shower. Max 15°C.

On to Friday and a similar outlook. Sunshine and showers. Some of these could be on the heavy side though with a rumble or two of thunder. They ease later in the day as a ridge of high pressure builds from the west. Max 16°C.

So how’s the weekend looking? Dry and settled, so we can’t grumble.

Saturday might be cloudy at first but bright or sunny spells will develop. Still a risk of an isolated shower in the morning. Overall a dry picture and lighter winds. Max 16°C.

As we enter Sunday, much of the same. Sunny spells and pleasant in any sunshine. Mainly dry and temperatures still a little cooler than they should be at this time of the year. Max 16°C

Any clear spells over the weekend would see some chilly nights with temperatures into single-figures and with a risk of localised mist or fog.

Looking ahead into next week and we have little change in the temperatures but maybe a change to more showery conditions once again, possibly as early as Monday. 

August 2015 Stats: Warmest 25.6°C (22nd); Coldest 7.7°C (16th); Wettest 28.8mm (14th); Windiest 30mph (4th); Total Rainfall 71.2mm.

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Thursday 10th September 2015 – Sunday 13th September 2015

Hi all,

We have been enjoying a decent spell of weather lately with light winds, pleasant sunny spells and more importantly dry. A couple more days to come but then the change to a more usual September pattern will begin.

Possibly a cloudy start to Thursday but with the breeze from a south-easterly direction we will drag in some drier air which will aid cloud breakages and more sunshine will follow. Plenty of sunshine arriving and although we will have a breeze it will feel warm. Max 20’C.

A similar day for Friday but a blustery wind. Remaining dry, plenty of sunshine and again we’ll see pleasant temperatures. Max 20’C

The weekend can only mean one thing. Rain returns.

A disappointing day on Saturday as we lose the dry and sunny weather. Rain spreads in from the west on a cool breeze with heavy showers following on behind. Max 17’C.

Sunday shouldn’t be too bad for most of the day. Bright spells and the odd shower during the day. However, more rain is due later in the day with breezy conditions. Cool. Max 16’C.

Looking ahead to next week and with the Jet Stream positioning itself back over us we can expect bands of showery rain throughout the week, as well as a cool and breezy set-up (see image, source

Low pressure and rain expected into next week.

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Thursday 3rd September 2015 – Sunday 6th September 2015


Me again. Where on earth is this year going? My youngest is now 1. I’m now….. another year older…. and meteorologically speaking, summer is over. As one tweeter stated this week; “did it ever arrive?”.

It’s been a poor summer and after a reasonable start it eventually turned into a typical British one with plenty of rain and no notable lengthy warm spells. 

Roll on winter I say, I’m actually glad the nights are closing in and I am already thinking about will it, or won’t it. Yes the snow question. But first off, let’s do Autumn

We have high pressure to our west and this is set to eventually settle down our weather over the coming 7 days.

On Thursday we have a cool north to northwesterly airflow across the region. This, like the last few days, will introduce some showers. Some bright spells but not that many around to lift the temperatures. Max 14°C.

A cool start to Friday with most places in single-figures. A similar day to yesterday but with showers becoming less frequent. Some bright spells and a cool breeze. Max 15°C

As we go into the weekend the high pressure starts to topple in from the west. It looks like we have a band of showers moving south early on Saturday but once these are through it should be fresh with bright spells. Max 15°C.

Sunday looks a dry day with the high pressure now killing off the shower-threat. Some sunny spells but plenty of cloud still possible. Pleasant in any sunshine as it is, still early September after all, but temperatures still cool for the time of year. Max 16°C.

Looking ahead and the high pressure could take control of our weather for all of next week. So plenty of dry weather around and settled. Cloud breaks are important as during the day they lead to pleasant sunshine but at night chilly temperatures. Later in the week, the high has the potential to slip east allowing a southerly or southeasterly airflow to develop across the country. If this happens, temperatures will begin to rise and we could be into the 20s again (see image). A long way off but maybe a final chance of a BBQ? 


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