Thursday 3rd September 2015 – Sunday 6th September 2015


Me again. Where on earth is this year going? My youngest is now 1. I’m now….. another year older…. and meteorologically speaking, summer is over. As one tweeter stated this week; “did it ever arrive?”.

It’s been a poor summer and after a reasonable start it eventually turned into a typical British one with plenty of rain and no notable lengthy warm spells. 

Roll on winter I say, I’m actually glad the nights are closing in and I am already thinking about will it, or won’t it. Yes the snow question. But first off, let’s do Autumn

We have high pressure to our west and this is set to eventually settle down our weather over the coming 7 days.

On Thursday we have a cool north to northwesterly airflow across the region. This, like the last few days, will introduce some showers. Some bright spells but not that many around to lift the temperatures. Max 14°C.

A cool start to Friday with most places in single-figures. A similar day to yesterday but with showers becoming less frequent. Some bright spells and a cool breeze. Max 15°C

As we go into the weekend the high pressure starts to topple in from the west. It looks like we have a band of showers moving south early on Saturday but once these are through it should be fresh with bright spells. Max 15°C.

Sunday looks a dry day with the high pressure now killing off the shower-threat. Some sunny spells but plenty of cloud still possible. Pleasant in any sunshine as it is, still early September after all, but temperatures still cool for the time of year. Max 16°C.

Looking ahead and the high pressure could take control of our weather for all of next week. So plenty of dry weather around and settled. Cloud breaks are important as during the day they lead to pleasant sunshine but at night chilly temperatures. Later in the week, the high has the potential to slip east allowing a southerly or southeasterly airflow to develop across the country. If this happens, temperatures will begin to rise and we could be into the 20s again (see image). A long way off but maybe a final chance of a BBQ? 


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Thanks for reading. 


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