Thursday 26th November 2015 – Sunday 29th November 2015

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It’s still not quite winter but you wouldn’t have thought after some frost and snow during last weekend’s cold snap. So, as we approach December what can we expect?

Thursday will start fine with bright spells but some low cloud and drizzle possible in places especially towards the hills. Cloud increasing into the afternoon with some light and patchy rain expected later on. Max 9°C.

A very similar pattern on Friday. Not a bad morning but winds increasing and this time heavier rain and gusty winds arriving into the afternoon and evening. Milder for a time then colder overnight. Max 11°C.

It’s certainly déjà vu on Saturday as again the morning isn’t too bad but soon heavy rain (possible wet hill-snow for a time) and windy conditions spread across the region to give a disappointing day. Notably colder especially so with the wind. Max 7°C.

Sunday will remain cloudy with light rain likely at times but hopefully a bit drier later in the day with the odd bright spell. Milder again. Max 9°C.

Looking ahead and it’s likely to stay unsettled and mild as we go into December and the meteorological winter. No sign of anything particularly colder.

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Thursday 19th November 2015 – Sunday 22nd November 2015

Hi all,

It’s been a mild and very windy week with further rain and already two named-storms have crossed the UK. So what next? A blast from the north, that’s what. Snow? Maybe a little for some of us. 

Thursday will be a day of bright spells and the odd scattered shower. A much better day than recently. Still breezy and temperatures around average. Max 10°C.

A breezy day again on Friday and it will start to feel colder, especially later on. Some showery rain pushing south which could be a bit sleety over the hills. Max 8°C.

All change into the weekend as the air is dragged in from the Arctic. 

Colder still as we go into Saturday but with some sunny spells. There is a chance of some wintry showers of hail or snow later on and this could give a slight covering especially to the east and more likely on the higher ground. A cold day throughout with a biting subzero windchill. Clearing skies later overnight leads to a frostMax 4°C. 

Apart from a risk of a wintry shower on Sunday, the day looks generally dry with sunny spells after a frosty and maybe misty start. Cold again but less of a biting breeze than Saturday. Cloud amounts might increase later on. Max 5°C.

Looking into next week and it will become milder again with temperatures returning to 8-10°C with some showery rain at times. No sign of this weekend’s cold snap returning. 

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Thursday 12th November 2015 – Sunday 15th November 2015

Hi all,

It’s been a lively few days as our Autumn settled spell came to an end. We had over an inch of rainfall on Monday and then windy conditions followed. The far northwest of the UK is set to be hit by Abigail, the first named UK Storm [by the Met Office], as we approach the weekend but what impact will it have on us? Also, after the record-breaking warmest night ever in November on Monday night, is there any sign of colder weather?

A drier and quieter spell of weather on Thursday, albeit brief. Sunny spells and dry for daylight hours. Winds increasing later on as well as cloud amounts. A little fresher than recently. Rain into the evening with gusty winds. Max 13°C.

A colder day on Friday, a shock to the system after the recent mildness, with some squally showers. Hail is possible, maybe a crack of thunder and just maybe a bit of sleet over the highest hills. Feeling cold in a strong wind with local gales as Abigail brushes the top-left-hand corner of the UK. Cold-wise, it’s only a one-day cold spell. Max 9°C.

Saturday will have bright spells and showers to start the day but soon more rain pushes in from the west as ex-Hurricane Kate arrives. Gradually milder again, but as Friday, a very windy day. Max 12°C.

Saturday’s rain clears away Sunday morning with some brightness to follow but short-lived as rain is likely to come in from the south-west later in the day. Some uncertainty over Sunday’s weather with the unsettled theme so keep an eye out on Twitter. Max 14°C.

Looking ahead and next week remains unsettled. Temperatures cooler and more typical for November with bright spells in between spells of rain and wind. No sign of any snow or significant cold.

October 2015 Stats: Warmest 18.9°C; Coldest 3.4°C; Wettest 10mm; Windiest 30mph; Total Rainfall 45.4mm.

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Thursday 5th November 2015 – Sunday 8th November 2015

Hi all,

November? Already? WOW! Where has 2015 gone? One thing for certain, it doesn’t feel like November out there. It’s been very mild but is that trend set to continue?

Thursday will start cloudy and mild with some hill-fog. Mainly dry for most of the morning apart from localised showers then rain, heavy at times spreads up from the southwest as we approach midday. A very wet and breezy afternoon. For the evening bonfires the rain looks set to clear around 7pm but with some drizzle to follow. Mild. Max 15°C.

Another band of rain whizzes across the region on Friday with showers following on behind. Again very mild and windy at times. The evening is looking a little bit drier so a better night for a bonfire and fireworks. Max 15°C.

The weekend will start lively with no let up in the weather steaming in from the Atlantic.

Saturday gives another repeat performance. Heavy rain and windy weather spreads in from the southwest followed by blustery showers. There is some uncertainty about the timing and exact position of the strongest winds but it’s very possible that we could see gusts to 40-50mph so stay tuned to Twitter for updates. Hopefully the winds ease slightly into the evening. Another mild one but feeling cooler because of the wind. Max 15°C.

A better morning is expected on Sunday with lighter winds and a mainly dry picture. However it looks all change again into the afternoon with strong winds and rain racing in. A little cooler with bright spells. Max 13°C.

Looking ahead and next week remains unsettled with further spells of wind, possible gales especially on Monday, and further rain. The mild weather holds on before slowly becoming cooler.

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