Thursday 26th November 2015 – Sunday 29th November 2015

Hi all,

It’s still not quite winter but you wouldn’t have thought after some frost and snow during last weekend’s cold snap. So, as we approach December what can we expect?

Thursday will start fine with bright spells but some low cloud and drizzle possible in places especially towards the hills. Cloud increasing into the afternoon with some light and patchy rain expected later on. Max 9°C.

A very similar pattern on Friday. Not a bad morning but winds increasing and this time heavier rain and gusty winds arriving into the afternoon and evening. Milder for a time then colder overnight. Max 11°C.

It’s certainly déjà vu on Saturday as again the morning isn’t too bad but soon heavy rain (possible wet hill-snow for a time) and windy conditions spread across the region to give a disappointing day. Notably colder especially so with the wind. Max 7°C.

Sunday will remain cloudy with light rain likely at times but hopefully a bit drier later in the day with the odd bright spell. Milder again. Max 9°C.

Looking ahead and it’s likely to stay unsettled and mild as we go into December and the meteorological winter. No sign of anything particularly colder.

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Thanks for reading.


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