Thursday 3rd December 2015 – Sunday 6th December

Hi all,

Wet wet wet. The only way to describe the last week and the month of November which turned out to be the wettest month I’ve ever recorded with 231.8mm of rain falling. The previous record was 185.4mm in December 2012.

We are now in the meteorological winter and we start December mild with more rain on the way. 

Thursday will see rain across the region. Some heavy bursts, especially on the hills with a risk of localised flooding once again. It will clear later in the evening. Mild and breezy with cooler air following on overnight. Max 11°C.

Friday promises to be the best day we’ve had for a while. We are in between weather systems so bright spells and it should remain dry albeit windy. Cooler and winds increasing overnight with gale-force gusts. Max 9°C.

It all gets a bit complicated into the weekend. 

A band of heavy rain will move in on Saturday associated with some gusty winds. It will move from NW to SE and remain very windy throughout with 60mph gusts possible. A warning is already in place. Milder for a time. Max 10°C.

Still very windy early on Sunday but easing quickly. Still quite cloudy with some rain or showers at times. Possibly brighter & drier later. Mild temperatures for December. Max 12°C.

Next week looks cooler with temperatures dropping to more typical December values.

For updates on this weekend’s possible stormy weather follow @ChadWeather on Twitter. 

Thanks for reading. 


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