Thursday 10th December 2015 – Sunday 13th December 2015

Hi all,

I’m crying out for some colder weather and even some snow. In fact just cold, frosty, foggy mornings would do but nothing on the horizon. My guess would be, don’t get your hopes up on proper cold until we get to mid-January. 

After early rain and some showers on Thursday we’re left with a day of bright spells. Feeling fresh and a chance of some showers later on. Max 9°C.

Mainly cloudy during Friday afternoon with a chance of showers. Some bright spells are possible during the morning, especially to the east. Cooler. Max 8°C.

It’s a little complicated during the weekend. 

After a cloudy morning rain spreads up from the southwest on Saturday and with us under slightly colder air there is a chance we could see some sleet or snow on the higher ground and the Pennines. It shouldn’t last too long as slightly milder air arrives slowly within the rain. Max 6°C.

It’s favouring staying cloudy with further rain on Sunday and cool. It shouldn’t be as windy as recently on both days, good news but unfortunately we are struggling for dry weather these days. Max 8°C.

Next week sees little in the way of change. Some rain or showers at times with drier slots in between. No sign of significant cold.

November 2015 Stats: Warmest 16.1°C; Coldest -1.7°C; Wettest 29mm; Windiest 53mph; Total Rainfall 231.8mm (record).

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