Thursday 25th September – Sunday 28th September

Issued Weds 24th Sept @ 11:30am

Hi all,

Even after some rain this week, September is certainly going to go down as one of the driest I’ve ever recorded.

Thursday will be a breezy day and feeling quite cool with mainly cloudy conditions and some scattered showers. Highs of 17’C.

Not much change into Friday. Generally cloudy with a few bright spells. Again we can’t rule out some showery rain, especially early on, followed hopefully by a nicer evening. Highs of 17’C

Into the weekend I am expecting some improvement and a drier picture.

After a chilly start, Saturday will be a bright day with some sunny spells and winds should be lighter too making it feel a little warmer. It should remain dry. Highs of 18’C.

A dry day is expected on Sunday as well but as well as some bright or sunny spells, a lot of cloud is expected. Highs of 18’C.

Looking ahead there are some signs that later next week some warmer air will creep up from France and introduce a warmer spell. It’s still a week away, so only a chance for now but fingers crossed.

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Thursday 18th September – Sunday 21st September

Issued 11:15 on Weds 17th Sept


September continues and we remain generally settled and with it has come a very dry month with only 6mm of rain recorded so far. Currently it is the driest start to September since 1960 in the UK. Those gardens need a drink!

Not much change into Thursday. After a cloudy start, the day should be dry with some warm bright spells coming through, especially the further west you are. Feeling a bit humid and highs could reach 22’C.

Friday will be a little cooler but still with pleasant sunny spells and light winds. There is a chance of some scattered possibly heavy showers later but these likely to be hit and miss. Highs of 20’C.

As we go into the weekend, little change with high pressure coming in from the west so more settled weather.

Saturday morning could still see some local showers around but these fading to give a day of bright spells and cooler temperatures. Highs of 18’C.

A cloudy start on Sunday but this should break-up slowly during the day to give a dry day with bright spells. Highs of 18’C.

Looking ahead into next week it looks like little change until the back end of the week. It then looks like cooler, more unsettled and wetter weather will arrive from the west or north-west.

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Thursday 11th September – Sunday 14th September

Issued 11:30 Wednesday 10th September

Hi all,

The weather is still in a settled pattern with some warm, bright days and chilly, misty nights as high pressure is firmly in control.

Over the coming 4 days we don’t see much change from recent conditions and it will remain dry. Time to water the gardens perhaps?

Thursday will be dry and after a dull, misty start in places, some sunny spells will come through so feeling very pleasant in any sunshine. Highs of 19’C.

Probably a bit more stubborn cloud on Friday as the wind turns easterly dragging the cloud in. Again a dry day with some sunny spells. Highs of 18’C.

A dry weekend is promised but with quite a lot of cloud present. Where we do see some persistent cloud it will feel cool, but on the flip side, any sunny spells will make it feel pleasant. These conditions are expected through Saturday and Sunday with temperatures similar at 18’C. With more cloud, the night temperatures will not be as cool as previous days.

Looking ahead into next week and initially the dry, settled weather continues. However, from midweek the high pressure will have slipped away and a return to wet and unsettled weather looks likely to return.

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Thursday 4th September – Sunday 7th September

Issued Wed 3rd September 11:30am

Hi all,

High pressure has now taken charge of our weather bringing plenty of settled conditions across the region but just not as much sun as we’d wish for.

Thursday will be bright and in spells of sunshine it will feel very pleasant for the time of year. Light winds and more general cloud later. Highs of 21°C.

Friday will be cloudy with some brightness. Dry and with winds shifting to a cooler northeasterly direction we can expect highs of 19°C.

As we enter the weekend with the gentle breeze from the northeast, we will see yet more cloud and at times thicker.

Saturday and Sunday look similar. A mainly cloudy affair with some brightness but in some places the cloud might be thick enough to see some light drizzle especially during Saturday morning. Highs around 18°C but if you do see some prolonged brightness then maybe a degree or two higher.

Looking ahead the settled theme continues but the risk of showers might not be too far away.

August 2014: Warmest 20.6°C; Coldest 6.7°C; Wettest 32.6mm; Windiest 36mph; Total Rainfall 136.2mm.

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