Thursday 30th April – Monday 4th May

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It’s certainly a lot different this week to last. April showers have arrived albeit late to the party but it’s been cold enough for hill-snow, hail and sleet with the odd rumble of thunder. So what next as we head into May?

  • Thursday will see showers during the morning and early afternoon with hail or thunder again in the mix. Showers moving away southeastwards later in the day with sunny spells. Temperatures still disappointing. Max 11°C.
  • Friday looks the best day of the forecast with a dry spell of weather expected with pleasant sunny spells. UV levels up to 5 now so again if you’re out in it most of the day, suncream needed. Slight risk of a shower but unlikely. Max 12°C.
The Bank Holiday weekend. In summary, it starts off well but rain or showers take over. 

  • Saturday should be a mainly dry day with sunny spells. More cloud later in the day and a chance of some light rain into the late evening or night. We drag in milder air from the SW so temperatures recovering from today onwards. Max 13°C.
  • Sunday looks wet and windy with some heavy rain for a time. This will clear to blustery showers as low pressure takes a hold of our weather. Max 14°C.
  • Bank Holiday Monday can simply be summed up as showery with warmer sunny spells in between. Max 15°C. 
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Thursday 23rd April – Sunday 26th April

Issued 10:35am on Wednesday 22nd April 2015


It’s been a decent run of weather with plenty of warm Spring sunshine and dry conditions but it’s all set to change significantly as we all get reminded we are still only in April.

Thursday hangs on to the pleasant weather but with a little more cloud. The morning may have some cloud around which will burn off. The afternoon will have warm sunny spells. Temperatures decent again and with UV levels between 4-5, sun cream is needed again. Max 17°C.

Friday has a similar morning. Cloudy then some sunny spells. As pressure drops and a change pushes in from the south-west we are likely to see some showers break out later in the day. Some could be heavy. More general rain overnight. Max 15°C.

Not a weekend you were all hoping and planning for.

Sunshine and frequent showers during Saturday, some heavy with possible hail or thunder. Feeling cooler now as a different air mass takes over especially later on. Max 13°C.

We are all into the much cooler air on Sunday. Showers again with a stiff and cold breeze. Some hail or thunder can’t be ruled out again but also some bright spells. Temperatures falling. Max 11°C.

Looking ahead a cool week with a keen north-westerly breeze keeping temperatures around the average or below mark. Again, showers at times, in between drier slots. Some of the media report snow. Any snow during wintry showers will be confined to the Scottish Mountains and the very far north of Northern Hills. Soon people will be saying; “We’ve had our Summer“. 🙂

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Thursday 16th April – Sunday 19th April

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After a dull, cooler Wednesday, Thursday will be much better. A dry day with some sunny spells. Pleasant in the sunshine but temperatures down on earlier in the week. Max 13°C.
A chilly start on Friday but another dry day ahead with nice sunny spells. Similar temperatures at 13°C.
A decent weekend ahead but it looks like Saturday will offer more sunshine & hence feel warmer. 

Saturday will be a sunny day with some fair-weather cloud at times. Again a chilly start, even with a touch of ground-frost. Sitting out in the sun will be very nice but remember UV levels are about 4 now, so suncream needed. Dry with a Max of 14°C.
We pick up a fresh easterly wind on Sunday so cloud likely to have spread in overnight. A cloudy day but some sunny spells are possible later on. Cooler but dry. Max 12°C.

Looking ahead, high pressure stays over the country so dry with bright or sunny spells. Can’t grumble as still no sign of those April Showers.
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Thursday 9th April – Sunday 12th April

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After a lovely week of warm afternoons with pleasant sunny spells it’s set to become cooler again over the weekend so enjoy it while you can.

Thursday will be a lovely day and with more of a southerly breeze temperatures will climb. Dry with plenty of sunshine. UV levels quite high for April so suncream required if out all day. Max 18°C.


Another decent day on Friday with some hazy sunny spells & warm temperatures. It should remain dry, although with some more cloud possible later in the day, there is a low risk of a shower into the evening. With winds from France, temperatures up to 18°C again. 

Saturday throws a little hiccup into our settled warm spell. A front comes through from the west or northwest introducing more cloud and colder conditions. Some rain is possible Friday night into Saturday morning but not huge amounts then sunny spells. A little breezy and much cooler temperatures. Max 11°C.


As we enter Sunday we are likely to see some showers. Early indications suggested a drier and settled day but now it looks like the cool, unsettled conditions will win. Max 13°C.


Looking ahead the remainder of the week should be dry with high pressure close by. A sign the weather might become warmer from midweek before it breaks down into the weekend with rain and unsettled conditions arriving.


March 2015 Stats: Warmest 14.7°C; Coldest -0.9°C; Wettest 22.4mm; Windiest 50mph; Total Rainfall 106.2mm


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Thursday 2nd April – Monday 6th April


It’s been a miserable few days with severe gales, 50mph+ gusts, well over an inch of rain, hail, hill-snow and rainbows. So what next? 

With the Easter break due we could do with some settled weather and to be fair it’s not a bad outlook. 

Thursday looks to start with some bright spells but cloud will increase into the afternoon but it should stay dry for most of the day. Some light rain is expected into the evening. Still cool but not as windy as recent days. Max 8°C

Good Friday looks to be wet with rain during the morning. This should slip away to the southeast as the afternoon progresses so a drier but still mainly cloudy end to the day. Max 9°C

Saturday will be a cloudy day but generally dry across the region. Chances of a shower early in the day should ease away. Any bright spells would feel pleasant but still not warm. Max 10°C

Similar into Sunday. Plenty of cloud around and mainly dry. Possibly a misty start in places too with hill-fog or low-cloud on the higher routes. Some sunny spells are possible during the day which would lift temperatures slightly. Max 12°C

Bank Holiday Monday looks dry and settled as high pressure, anchored to our south-west is slightly in charge of our weather. Temperatures not too bad in any bright spells but again it’s a mainly dry picture. Max 13°C

Outlook: Mainly cloudy with some bright spells. Feeling pleasant in any sunshine with temperatures into the low teens. Plenty of dry weather. 

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