Thursday 23rd April – Sunday 26th April

Issued 10:35am on Wednesday 22nd April 2015


It’s been a decent run of weather with plenty of warm Spring sunshine and dry conditions but it’s all set to change significantly as we all get reminded we are still only in April.

Thursday hangs on to the pleasant weather but with a little more cloud. The morning may have some cloud around which will burn off. The afternoon will have warm sunny spells. Temperatures decent again and with UV levels between 4-5, sun cream is needed again. Max 17°C.

Friday has a similar morning. Cloudy then some sunny spells. As pressure drops and a change pushes in from the south-west we are likely to see some showers break out later in the day. Some could be heavy. More general rain overnight. Max 15°C.

Not a weekend you were all hoping and planning for.

Sunshine and frequent showers during Saturday, some heavy with possible hail or thunder. Feeling cooler now as a different air mass takes over especially later on. Max 13°C.

We are all into the much cooler air on Sunday. Showers again with a stiff and cold breeze. Some hail or thunder can’t be ruled out again but also some bright spells. Temperatures falling. Max 11°C.

Looking ahead a cool week with a keen north-westerly breeze keeping temperatures around the average or below mark. Again, showers at times, in between drier slots. Some of the media report snow. Any snow during wintry showers will be confined to the Scottish Mountains and the very far north of Northern Hills. Soon people will be saying; “We’ve had our Summer“. 🙂

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