Thursday 31st March 2016 – Sunday 3rd April 2016

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March is coming to an end and although it has been a month with a lengthy dry spell, it has still been wet overall and cold. In fact the average day and night temperature is on a par with January. It has been quite lively recently with some thundery showers with hail and even some hill-snow but we’re heading into a slightly more settled spell.

Thursday sees a little ridge of high pressure over the region, meaning light winds and some sunny spells especially into the afternoon but with the odd shower. The morning could see some fog patches and a frost. Max 10°C but feeling pleasant in March’s strengthening sunshine.

A cold start to Friday, again some mist and a patchy frost possible. After early brightness it will cloud over and the wind will freshen from the south-west. Rain will slowly arrive late in the day. Max 8°C which is chilly for the time of year.

drag in warmer air

A south-easterly airflow over the weekend

A little uncertainty about the weekend. If things go to plan and our wind direction swings to a southeasterly then we could drag in some warmer air from the continent.

Early rain clears north-westwards on Saturday then brighter and hopefully even sunnier skies from the south and south-east for the afternoon. In areas that stay cloudy then we’ll see a max of 10°C but in any sunnier spots and with the milder airflow then 13°C may be possible.

warmer temps

Some warmer air from the continent possible this weekend especially towards the SE

Sunday will be mainly cloudy with a risk of patchy rain to start. Some bright spells breaking through and overall a drier afternoon. Mild again and it could feel warm in any sunshine. Max 12-14°C.

Looking ahead and into next week, and it looks like the cooler air will return from the west with plenty of showers. No real sign of any Spring-like warmth for us with temperatures approaching 20°C.


The Jet Stream looks set to return into next week – cooler & showery

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Forecast issued at 15:00 on Wednesday the 30th of March 2016

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The Easter Holiday Outlook

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All change ahead. Someone is about to turn the tap back on after pretty much two weeks’ worth of dry, cool and mainly cloudy weather. The lack of rain has been a much needed spell of weather for all gardens and sport pitches.

Thursday sees the high pressure, which was established over the country for the prolonged dry spell, a distant memory as rain pushes in from the west. After a dry start a wet afternoon on the cards but the rain will ease into the evening. Max 8°C.

thursday pressure chart

Change arrives Thursday as fronts pile in from the west

A temporary ridge of high pressure slips in for Good Friday so the best day of our holidays. Sunny spells and milder. Mainly dry too so not a bad day at all. Max 12°C.

Hmmmmm, I think the weather knows it’s not only the weekend but also a Bank Holiday one.

Rain during Saturday and windy too with gusts possible to 40mph for a time. Feeling cooler. The rain should turn showery later. Max 9°C.

rain pushes east

A wet Saturday is on the cards as rain spreads east

A slightly better day on Easter Sunday. Bright spells and showers. The odd one could be heavy with thunder and lightning. Breezy. Max 10°C.

Quite an active low pressure could arrive on Bank Holiday Monday which would bring rain or showers after a dry morning. The windiest of the weather at the moment looks likely to stay further south but one to watch as details are still uncertain. Cool. Max 9°C.

windy monday

An active low pressure possible for Monday – eyes peeled

Looking ahead and it will remain cool with showers at times. No sign of some Spring warmth yet.

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Forecast issued at 14:15 on Wednesday the 23rd of March 2016

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Thursday 17th March 2016 – Sunday 20th March 2016

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In my terms, we are in a pattern of settled but boring weather. Not too warm, not too cold, no frost, no snow, no rain, some dull days, some bright days but nothing to keep an eye on. The only positive, is it gives me a bit of a well-earned, much-needed rest.

With the settled pattern set to continue I will have a look at the outlook for Easter and give a ‘most likely’ forecast rather than the media tripe that has already been published.

easter media bull

A usual Daily Express headline rears its ugly head again – No signs of a heatwave

A chilly start on Thursday, and if we have had clear spells for long enough then perhaps a touch of frost and some fog patches. These will lift into low-cloud but sunny spells expected during the day. Max 8°C.

We have high pressure firmly in charge of our weather hence the dry and settled spell but as we enter Friday this will slip to sit to the northwest of Ireland meaning we drag in a cold northerly breeze. However, another dry day with bright spells is on the cards. Some areas may keep some stubborn cloud. Feeling chilly. Max 7°C.

saturday pressure chart

High pressure that’s giving us settled weather drifts into the Atlantic

The weekend will be mostly dry but I can’t promise wall-to-wall sunshine.

Saturday and Sunday will be similar. A cool breeze from the north and with it plenty of cloud floating around. Some of this may be thick enough to bring some drizzle or light rain to unlucky spots but quite localised. It will remain feeling cold but pleasant in any sunshine. Overnight frost will be possible where we have clearing skies. Max 8°C.

Looking ahead and little change for most of next week but there are signs that we will see the high pressure drift away as we approach Easter. This will allow some rain to push in from the northwest followed by a chilly southeasterly breeze. No heatwave on the radar, with it even being cold enough for some frost over Easter Weekend. Of course look out for updates on Twitter as it is still 10 days away.

frosty start to easter weekend

Possibly a frosty start to the Easter Weekend

risk of a wet easter sunday

A risk of rain on Easter Sunday

easter sunday max temp

Predicted maximum temperatures for Easter Sunday – certainly no heatwave

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Forecast issued at 13:30 on Wednesday the 16th of March 2016


Thursday 10th March 2016 – Sunday 13th March 2016


One of my easiest forecasts for a while as the weather slips into a settled spell which is welcome news to most and rainfall totals will remain low in the next 5-7 days.

After rain in the past 24 hours there is a risk of some localised ice along with a frost on Thursday morning. Any morning sunshine should be replaced by more in the way of cloud from the east with some light rain showers or drizzle possible in places. Overall much drier in most areas after the rain of Wednesday. Milder. Max 8°C.


High pressure builds from Friday and lasts into the weekend bringing drier conditions

On into Friday and high pressure builds in across the UK and with it a lot of dry weather. Bright spells and feeling a little more pleasant. Just a risk of some hill-drizzle hanging around. Max 9°C. A big contrast compared to last Friday’s widespread snowfall.

A similar theme continues into the weekend. Winds are from a southwesterly direction so milder air covers England and Wales with temperatures into double-figures.

milder air

Out with the cold blues and in with the milder greens and yellows as temperatures rise

Saturday and Sunday looking dry across the region with a fair amount of cloud. Some bright spells are possible during the day and if we see them, we might have temperatures up to 12°C. Otherwise generally a Max of 10°C and with the cloud-cover it looks likely that we escape frost-free.


An easterly wind will peg temperatures back slightly next week

Next week it will turn slightly colder again as we drag in an easterly wind but the mainly dry theme continues with very little rain expected. Good news for Oldham Athletic’s football pitch which could do with a breather.

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Forecast issued at 13:45 on Wednesday 9th of March 2016

Thursday 3rd March 2016 – Sunday 6th March 2016


Well here we are; welcome to Spring. **ha ha**. After the weather of the past couple of days, you will be right in thinking that it is far from feeling like Spring. Storm Jake blew by today bringing hill-snow and some gusty winds over the tops.

Thursday doesn’t look too bad of a day across the region with bright spells and a scattering of showers, these likely early on. Cold and breezy. Max 6°C. Late-evening and into Friday morning there is a chance of some sleet or snow across the region which could give a covering in places. One to watch on my Twitter feed.

Risk of Snow

Another snow-risk, especially above 200M, Thursday into Friday

Friday itself will remain cold and cloudy with the morning rain, sleet and snow (especially above 200M) slowly fizzling out into the afternoon. There is a possibility of 5-10cm of snow above 250M which could be disruptive to travel. Feeling very cold under the doom and gloom. Max 4°C.

The weekend is set to remain very cold with low pressure to the east dragging northerly winds down across the country but an improvement on Friday. Therefore, we remain under a pool of cold air. So in summary, both days will be cold with a chance of some hail, sleet or snow showers but generally a drier theme overall. Night-times will see some ice, where showers have fallen, and localised frosts. Max 5°C with a biting breeze especially on Saturday.

Northerly Winds

A cold northerly airflow this weekend bringing a bitter breeze

Looking at next week and it looks to remain cold with some wintry showers and overnight patchy frosts. Although it looks a touch milder towards the end of the week, there is no sign of Spring and I can see March panning out to be a cold month overall.

February 2016 Stats

Av. Temp: 4.3°C
Max Temp: 12.6°C (21st)
Min Temp: -2.8°C (16th)
Wettest Day: 31.4mm (8th)
Highest Gust: 51mph (1st)
Rainfall: 119.2mm
Rainy Days: 21

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Forecast issued at 2:20pm on Wednesday 2nd of March 2016.