Thursday 24th August 2017 – Bank Holiday Monday 28th August 2017

Hi all,

I’m off to Cornwall on Thursday and the weather is looking ‘good enough’, as I’ll be closer to high pressure, than most of the rest of the UK. No sign of blistering heat and unbroken sunshine for me or any of us as we come to the end of August. Now when did that BBQ last come out?

Thursday: Some showers during the morning moving west to east. These will ease from mid-afternoon with some pleasant sunny spells. Max 19°C

Friday: A lot of dry weather with some warm bright spells and light winds. Max 19°C

Weekend: A lot of dry weather with some bright spells. Quite warm.

Saturday: Bright spells with the risk of an isolated shower. A lot of cloud about but pleasant in any sunshine which will creep the temperatures up. Max 20°C

Sunday: Another reasonable day with some breaks in the cloud allowing for some warm sunshine. Max 19°C

Bank Holiday Monday: Initially it was looking bleak and I tweeted earlier this week that it would be wet and windy. Well it shouldn’t be too bad for the first half of the day with similar conditions to recently. The wind will pick up though and rain is likely to spread in from the northwest into the afternoon. Let’s hope it holds off until evening. Max 19°C

Beyond Monday and the signs are that we will be sandwiched between low pressure (NW) and high pressure (SW), so it will be breezy with quite a lot of cloud. Expect some brightness but also occasional showers. No real change in temperatures as official Summer comes to a close.

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Forecast Issued at 10:30pm on Wednesday the 23rd of August 2017

Thursday 25th August 2016 – Monday 29th August 2016

Afternoon all,

It’s weekly blog time. Just a short one this week as I’m off on my travels for a week’s holiday in Cornwall. Fingers crossed we get a good few days out of our “British Summer”.

This time last week August was looking a dry month with only 18mm of rainfall. Now we’re up to 70mm after a few days of heavy downpours. 

The south-east has enjoyed “heatwave-like” temperatures but officially no heatwave has arrived despite what the media say. 

Thursday: Feeling a little muggy as air is once again pulled up from the south. Mostly cloudy as the day progresses and hefty showers will break out. Some of these might be thundery. Max 18°C

Heavy possibly thundery downpours on Thursday

Friday: A small and weak area of high pressure builds in. Bright then sunny spells developing and feeling warm. It should remain dry. Max 21°C

Plenty of uncertainty this weekend as low pressure comes up from the south. Its development and where the rain falls is still open to change. 

Saturday: I would expect a dry start with sunny spells. Cloud increasing and rain, some heavy could come up from the south later. Increasingly humid. Max 22°C

Sunday: A showery day is expected. Some sunshine in between and quite warm. Don’t be surprised to experience thunder and lightning in these showers. Max 20°C

Sunny spells expected on Bank Holiday Monday and an improvement from the weekend

Bank Holiday Monday: It should improve so a day of sunny spells and mainly dry conditions albeit with a fresh northwesterly breeze. Max 18°C

Beyond that there are signs the Jet Stream will kick in so bright spells in between spells of rain is the most likely scenario.

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Forecast issued: 16:20 on Wednesday 24th August 2016

Thursday 26th May 2016 – Bank Holiday Monday 30th May 2016

Hi all,

Heatwave on the way? Nope. However, it is looking generally settled from the weekend so not a washout.

After a miserable Wednesday, we hang onto this set-up into the first half of Thursday with plenty of cloud around and some drizzle or light rain. Low-cloud over the hilltops too. It should be a little milder than yesterday and it will generally dry up into the evening. Max 14°C.

Bright spells around on Friday and feeling warm in any sunshine. The warmth might trigger an afternoon shower or two, otherwise dry. Max 17°C.

Another extended 3-day weekend :). Always nice and the weather is going to be reasonably well-behaved.

During Saturday high pressure will be sitting just to our north bringing settled conditions. Sunny spells and temperatures around average. With the sun strong at this time of the year it will feel pleasant enough. Don’t forget that sun-cream. Max 18°C.

Little change into Sunday. Bright or sunny spells and winds should generally be light. The reason we aren’t warming up into the hot category with this settled weather around, is because we have the wind coming from the north-east. Low risk of an isolated shower into the evening. Max 18°C.


Thundery downpours close by on Bank Holiday Monday as they develop towards our E and SE

The high pressure slips away slightly into Bank Holiday Monday but the likelihood is that we stay dry with sunny spells but just increase the shower-risk. Most of the showers will be in the east and south-east of the UK but we can’t rule out a heavy downpour, possibly thundery, later in the day. Max 19°C.

BH Temps

Maximum temperatures for Bank Holiday Monday – no heatwave

At the moment the rest of the week looks settled with high pressure close by. No heatwave yet, but certainly some pleasant conditions and a lot of dry weather. If winds turn to come from the south-east then we could import some warmer air from the Continent.

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Forecast issued at 14:30 on Wednesday the 25th of May 2016

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Thursday 19th May 2016 – Sunday 22nd May 2016

Hi all,

We’ve had a decent May so far, with some warm sunshine, a few calm, chilly nights and mainly dry conditions. In fact we’ve only recorded 13mm of rain this month but this total is set to rise as we enter a few unsettled days.

A chilly and misty or locally foggy start to Thursday, but once this lifts the sun should break through the clouds and a reasonable few hours ahead. Cloud will thicken later though with rain expected late-afternoon and into the evening. Feeling warm and a little muggy. Max 17°C.

A bit of a repeat performance on Friday. Bright spells for the morning and early afternoon so feeling pleasant and not a bad day. Cloud will increase and the wind picks up as showers arrive into the evening. Some of these could be heavy before general rain arrives. So if you’re off out for the Whit Friday celebrations pack something waterproof for late on. Max 16°C.

weather fronts

Plenty of weather fronts from the Atlantic over the coming days keeping us unsettled

It’s a bit of a complex picture as we go into the weekend. A unseasonal low pressure is set to swing in from the southwest Friday night introducing windy conditions for a time and a spell of heavy rain on into Saturday. This will clear quickly to bright spells and showers later. Feeling cool in the fresh wind. Max 16°C.

It’s the Manchester 10k on Sunday and the wife is taking part, so it means I’ll be dodging the showers which will be heavy. Don’t be surprised to see some hail again with thunder and lightning. The bright spells in between the showers will offer some respite. A little cooler. Max 14°C.

Looking ahead into next week and there were some signs of the weather settling down and becoming very warm as high pressure built. This still looks likely, but perhaps delayed until later in the week or towards the end of the month. Otherwise, it will remain showery with temperatures around average.

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Forecast issued at 14:20 on Wednesday the 18th of May 2016

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Thursday 28th April 2016 – Monday 2nd May 2016

Hi all,

Yes it’s nearly May, yes the Bank Holidays are coming, yes it is still cold, so where is the warm weather? The search continues…….

Another Arctic blast of cold air gave some wintry showers this week with plenty of hail, sleet and even snow showers peppering the region but as we head into this forecast, the northerly air supply is set to be cut off as the weather pattern changes.

It will be a cold start on Thursday and as well as a frost in places there is a risk of some localised sleet or snow around, especially above 200M. This will ease away quickly to give a dry slot with bright spells. The cloud will increase into the afternoon and into the evening and overnight there will be some rain with a chance of this turning to sleet and snow on the hills. One to watch and a late bite from the current cold spell. Max 8°C.

The low pressure bringing the rain, sleet and snow will be in charge of the weather on Friday. A cold windy day with further wintry showers which will tend to turn more to rain as the day progresses. Max 8°C.

Low Pressure for Friday

Low pressure in charge this Friday

The good news about the weekend is that temperatures will start to recover and we will get a reasonable day out of it.

A chilly start on Saturday with a ground frost, but hopefully a good day ahead with plenty of sunny spells and mainly dry conditions. We’d be very unlucky to catch a shower but with the ridge of high pressure only weak, they can’t be ruled out. Slightly milder and with the sunshine’s UV levels now at 5 it will feel pleasant. Max 11°C.

All change on Sunday. The Atlantic returns as cloud thickens from the west bringing outbreaks of rain, some heavy. Max 10°C.

Rain arrives into Sunday

It’s looking wet on Sunday with rain from the west

As for Bank Holiday Monday it looks showery, as do the following few days, with temperatures slowly returning to normal. It looks likely that another cold spell won’t arrive, ruling out the chance of any snow in May! That’s my thinking anyway! 🙂

Long-range there is a sign of some warmth, week commencing the 9th of May, especially later on in the week, with temperatures getting close to, or into the 20s. Watch this space.

Finally some warmth

A long way off – but is this our first warm spell?

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Forecast issued at 13:25 on Wednesday the 27th of April 2016

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The Easter Holiday Outlook

Hi all,

All change ahead. Someone is about to turn the tap back on after pretty much two weeks’ worth of dry, cool and mainly cloudy weather. The lack of rain has been a much needed spell of weather for all gardens and sport pitches.

Thursday sees the high pressure, which was established over the country for the prolonged dry spell, a distant memory as rain pushes in from the west. After a dry start a wet afternoon on the cards but the rain will ease into the evening. Max 8°C.

thursday pressure chart

Change arrives Thursday as fronts pile in from the west

A temporary ridge of high pressure slips in for Good Friday so the best day of our holidays. Sunny spells and milder. Mainly dry too so not a bad day at all. Max 12°C.

Hmmmmm, I think the weather knows it’s not only the weekend but also a Bank Holiday one.

Rain during Saturday and windy too with gusts possible to 40mph for a time. Feeling cooler. The rain should turn showery later. Max 9°C.

rain pushes east

A wet Saturday is on the cards as rain spreads east

A slightly better day on Easter Sunday. Bright spells and showers. The odd one could be heavy with thunder and lightning. Breezy. Max 10°C.

Quite an active low pressure could arrive on Bank Holiday Monday which would bring rain or showers after a dry morning. The windiest of the weather at the moment looks likely to stay further south but one to watch as details are still uncertain. Cool. Max 9°C.

windy monday

An active low pressure possible for Monday – eyes peeled

Looking ahead and it will remain cool with showers at times. No sign of some Spring warmth yet.

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Forecast issued at 14:15 on Wednesday the 23rd of March 2016

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Thursday 17th March 2016 – Sunday 20th March 2016

Hi all,

In my terms, we are in a pattern of settled but boring weather. Not too warm, not too cold, no frost, no snow, no rain, some dull days, some bright days but nothing to keep an eye on. The only positive, is it gives me a bit of a well-earned, much-needed rest.

With the settled pattern set to continue I will have a look at the outlook for Easter and give a ‘most likely’ forecast rather than the media tripe that has already been published.

easter media bull

A usual Daily Express headline rears its ugly head again – No signs of a heatwave

A chilly start on Thursday, and if we have had clear spells for long enough then perhaps a touch of frost and some fog patches. These will lift into low-cloud but sunny spells expected during the day. Max 8°C.

We have high pressure firmly in charge of our weather hence the dry and settled spell but as we enter Friday this will slip to sit to the northwest of Ireland meaning we drag in a cold northerly breeze. However, another dry day with bright spells is on the cards. Some areas may keep some stubborn cloud. Feeling chilly. Max 7°C.

saturday pressure chart

High pressure that’s giving us settled weather drifts into the Atlantic

The weekend will be mostly dry but I can’t promise wall-to-wall sunshine.

Saturday and Sunday will be similar. A cool breeze from the north and with it plenty of cloud floating around. Some of this may be thick enough to bring some drizzle or light rain to unlucky spots but quite localised. It will remain feeling cold but pleasant in any sunshine. Overnight frost will be possible where we have clearing skies. Max 8°C.

Looking ahead and little change for most of next week but there are signs that we will see the high pressure drift away as we approach Easter. This will allow some rain to push in from the northwest followed by a chilly southeasterly breeze. No heatwave on the radar, with it even being cold enough for some frost over Easter Weekend. Of course look out for updates on Twitter as it is still 10 days away.

frosty start to easter weekend

Possibly a frosty start to the Easter Weekend

risk of a wet easter sunday

A risk of rain on Easter Sunday

easter sunday max temp

Predicted maximum temperatures for Easter Sunday – certainly no heatwave

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Forecast issued at 13:30 on Wednesday the 16th of March 2016


Thursday 21st May – Bank Holiday Monday 25th May

Hi all,

Looks like we will have to wait and see what June brings before we see our first taste of summer. Our weather has been dominated by cooler-than-normal northwesterly winds bringing showers or longer spells or rain. The good news is, this is set to calm down and retreat to more northwesterly regions but some weather fronts will find their way southeastwards. 

Thursday will be a mainly dry day with bright spells. Plenty of cloud around at times which gives a low shower-risk but feeling much improved on recent days especially in any sunshine. Lighter winds. Max 15°C.

As we go into Friday we see more in the way of cloud. Some bright spells early but soon replaced by thicker cloud with the chance of seeing some light rain or drizzle. Cooler. Max 13°C.

Not bad on Saturday with cloud breaking to give some sunny spells and feeling warmer. UV levels high at 6 in any longer spells of sunshine. Max 16°C.

Cloud and light rain overnight into Sunday morning but this should break up and ease to give some bright spells for the rest of the day. However, cooler and breezy. Max 13°C.

A ridge of high pressure tries to build in from the southwest for Bank Holiday Monday so a dry day looks on the cards at the moment. Mainly cloudy at first with some light rain possible but hopefully breaks will appear and sunny spells will develop. Max 14°C.

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Bank Holiday Update ~ Start of May 2014


As per the norm the weather is always changing and it now looks like Sunday will be the hiccup in some reasonable long-weekend weather.

Saturday will start cold after a rural frosty start. It should be a day of sunny spells but these will turn hazy later as cloud spreads in from the west. The night is not expected to see any frost due to this cloud-cover. Highs 14’C.

So Sunday as mentioned looks worse than first thought. Mainly cloudy and it looks like rain will be further south than first predicted so expect to see some light rain at times easing later on. Fingers crossed it does a U-turn and stays further north. Mild with highs of 14’C.

Bank Holiday Monday looks better. Sunny spells once any early cloud breaks. Feeling pleasant and warm. Highs of 17’C.

That’s your update. Few drinks in Manchester for me on Sunday. I was hoping for some beer garden action but not looking likely. Boooooo.

Jon (@ChadWeather)

Thursday 23rd May – Bank Holiday Monday 27th May

Hi all,

Another Bank Holiday is approaching. So what are the chances of us having a very warm and sunny one like earlier in the month? Well let’s see.

After a chilly start on Thursday, the weather will have turned colder from the north and even though we should have a bright day there will be some showers around. It will be cold for the time of year. We should however, make double figures. Max 10’C.

Friday will start cold but showers will spread from the north-east which may be wintry on the highest hills. Some places, especially to the west may stay dry. The wind will have increased and it will be another cold day, accentuated by that wind. Max 11’C.

Saturday will see the wind ease throughout the day and any early showers should die away to give a day of sunny spells and feeling pleasant and a bit less cold as temperatures try to recover. Max 13’C.

As we head into Sunday the pattern is set to continue with a dry day forecast with some sunny spells but maybe more cloud later. Again, it will be slightly milder and it could feel quite nice in the sunny breaks. Max 15’C.

Bank Holiday Monday. It could be much worse but it could be much better. It is a few days off yet, but early signs show it to have occasional brightness early on, with cloud increasing, so don’t rule out showers or some prolonged rain late in the evening. Max 15’C.

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