Thursday 25th August 2016 – Monday 29th August 2016

Afternoon all,

It’s weekly blog time. Just a short one this week as I’m off on my travels for a week’s holiday in Cornwall. Fingers crossed we get a good few days out of our “British Summer”.

This time last week August was looking a dry month with only 18mm of rainfall. Now we’re up to 70mm after a few days of heavy downpours. 

The south-east has enjoyed “heatwave-like” temperatures but officially no heatwave has arrived despite what the media say. 

Thursday: Feeling a little muggy as air is once again pulled up from the south. Mostly cloudy as the day progresses and hefty showers will break out. Some of these might be thundery. Max 18°C

Heavy possibly thundery downpours on Thursday

Friday: A small and weak area of high pressure builds in. Bright then sunny spells developing and feeling warm. It should remain dry. Max 21°C

Plenty of uncertainty this weekend as low pressure comes up from the south. Its development and where the rain falls is still open to change. 

Saturday: I would expect a dry start with sunny spells. Cloud increasing and rain, some heavy could come up from the south later. Increasingly humid. Max 22°C

Sunday: A showery day is expected. Some sunshine in between and quite warm. Don’t be surprised to experience thunder and lightning in these showers. Max 20°C

Sunny spells expected on Bank Holiday Monday and an improvement from the weekend

Bank Holiday Monday: It should improve so a day of sunny spells and mainly dry conditions albeit with a fresh northwesterly breeze. Max 18°C

Beyond that there are signs the Jet Stream will kick in so bright spells in between spells of rain is the most likely scenario.

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Forecast issued: 16:20 on Wednesday 24th August 2016

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