Thursday 1st September 2016 – Sunday 4th September 2016

Hi all,

Well that’s it. Meteorologically speaking Summer is over. We’ve had a few decent days but no heatwave and no prolonged summery spell. We managed a high of 29.7°C on the 19th of July and 240mm of rain over the three summer months. As usual, don’t rule out a week of decent weather in September or even an Indian Summer late-September as it always seems to be the case. 

I’m just finishing my holiday in Cornwall, waiting for this morning’s rain and cloud to clear before we hit the beach for one final time. What a lovely place this part of the World is.

Thursday: Bright or sunny spells but cloud will increase later in the day with some showery rain late-evening. Breezy overnight. Max 19°C

Friday: Cloudy with some showery rain. This will ease later into the afternoon and hopefully some brightness before dark. Max 18°C

A spell of heavy rain later on Saturday

Saturday: The Jet Stream will be in charge, after a dry start any brightness will be replaced by rain coming in from the southwest. Feeling a little close. Max 19°C

Sunday: Expect a showery picture with some rain at times and sunny spells. Max 19°C

An active Jet Stream taking control this weekend and beyond?

Next week: Things are uncertain. Quite an active Jet Stream means the likely situation is spells of rain with drier interludes. Of course, frequent updates on Twitter.

Follow @ChadWeather on Twitter for all your local weather updates for Manchester and its surrounding areas.


Forecast issued: 10:30 on Wednesday 31st August 2016

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