Gradual trend to colder conditions – Thursday 28th October 2021 – Sunday 31st October 2021

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Not long left of October now and has been milder than average with mostly cloudy conditions. As we enter November, there are signs that occasionally, high pressure will be out to our west, and low pressure to the east, meaning a chilly northerly to north-westerly airflow will affect the UK at times.

Colder feel next week as we end up on the north side of the Jet Stream

Thursday: A cloudy morning with some patchy rain. The band of heavy and persistent rain that has brought flooding to parts of Cumbria and the Lake District will eventually move southeast across the region so expect some heavy rain into the evening and overnight. Mild and windy. Max 16°C

Friday: Morning rain eventually becoming showery. Cooler with winds easing. Max 14°C

Weekend: Further rain or showers to come.

Saturday: Low pressure close by. A day of bright spells and showers, some heavy. Cooler. Max 12°C

Sunday: There is a chance that low pressure could form to our southwest and bring a spell of prolonged rain either side of showers during the morning and evening. So an unsettled day, breezy and cool. Max 11°C

Outlook: Looking colder but nothing drastic with maximum temperatures around 9-11°C. Some chilly nights with ground-frosts where skies remain clear. As for the weather pattern, bright spells and showers.

Nothing majorly cold next week but nowhere near as mild as we have been used to as winds come from the N or NW.

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Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 27th of October 2021 at 2:45pm.

First Autumn Chill – Thursday 21st October 2021 – Sunday 24th October 2021

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October can be a funny month, delivering Autumn chills or in fact Indian Summers late in the month. This week we have experienced some warm days despite the rain but it’s the colder air that arrives to start off the forecast.

Thursday: Much colder air moves in across the region. Plenty of sunny skies with just the chance of a shower but isolated. Windy making it feel even colder. Max 11°C

Much colder air arrives for Thursday but it won’t last long as westerly winds return

Friday: A ridge of high pressure cuts off the northerly airflow so not as cold. Some showers feeding in off the Irish Sea. Breezy with some sunny spells mixed in. Still feeling fresh. Max 11°C

Weekend: Becoming less settled and milder.

Saturday: A dry and bright morning but cloud increasing and rain arriving later in the day; most likely towards evening or overnight. Max 13°C

We should escape with a dry Saturday during daylight hours with rain not arriving until late-evening

Sunday: Early rain replaced by bright spells and a few showers. Breezy but milder. Max 14°C

Outlook: The Jet Stream will control our weather so unsettled with spells of rain/showers coming in off the Atlantic and temperatures around normal for the time of year. No sign of any early snow or frosts; just a typical autumnal week.

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Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 20th of October 2021 at 6pm

Unsettled Outlook – Thursday 14th October 2021 – Sunday 17th October 2021

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It’s been a quiet week but frustratingly cloudy and damp at times, although rainfall amounts remain low and temperatures nothing notably cold or warm.

High pressure has been in charge of our weather, but cloud has been dragged around the top edge and down across the region on a northwesterly breeze hence the lack of sunny skies. With high pressure in control we have cut off the Jet Stream, which normally brings spells of wet and windy weather, and it will continue like that for a little longer but change is on the way next week.

The final third of October is likely to see increasing amounts of rainfall and some windy spells.

Thursday: Another mostly cloudy day with pockets of spit-spot rain or drizzle. Breezy. Max 15°C

Friday: Cloudy with patchy rain moving south initially, followed by colder air but lovely blue skies and sunny spells. A fresh feel with a northerly breeze. Cold for the first part of the night with a ground-frost forming before cloud increases from the southwest again. Max 12°C

Colder air spreads down from the North during Friday

Weekend: Cloudy conditions return.

Saturday: Cloud thickening from the southwest with some rain later in the day. Doesn’t look particularly heavy. Becoming milder again. Max 14°C

Sunday: A cloudy and quite warm day for the time of year with some bright spells. Max 16°C

Outlook: The Jet Stream looks set to return to influence our week with periods of rain or showers. Some brighter and drier slots in between and quite breezy at times. Temperatures mild to very mild at first but signs of cooler or colder conditions later in the week.

The Jet Stream is back controlling our weather next week

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Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 13th of October 2021 at 5:50pm.

Short-lived Warmth then Much Cooler but Mostly Dry – Thursday 7th October 2021 – Sunday 10th October 2021

September ended on a very wet note but overall it was another drier-than-average month which contained some hot days early on; in fact hotter than anything we experienced in August. 

Ex-hurricane Sam will disturb the Jet Stream and head between Iceland and the UK this week, allowing for some very warm air to come across the region for a couple of days. After that it’s looking settled, as we keep most of the weather fronts away to the west but I am expecting a lot of cloud and a few misty or foggy mornings.

Thursday: Mostly cloudy with some patchy rain or drizzle in a few sports prone to the south-westerly airflow. On the plus side, it will be warm for the time of year, with temperatures around 5 degrees above average. Max 20°C

Friday: Early cloud, perhaps some patchy rain again, especially the further west you are. Brighter spells for the afternoon and feeling warm despite the breeze. Max 19°C

Weekend: We lose the warmth eventually.

Saturday: Patchy rain moving slowly southeast displacing the warm air late-in-the-day. Some areas staying dry. Max 18°C

Sunday: Drier with plenty of cloud. Some brightness but notably cooler with a north-westerly airflow. Max 15°C

Outlook: Originally it looked like it would be turning warmer again as next week progressed but it’s looking pretty cool at times with a risk of a ground-frost midweek depending on cloud-cover. A lot of dry weather as high pressure builds, which could well turn out to be a ‘cloudy high’ or anticyclonic gloom. Pockets of drizzle where low-cloud sits.

High pressure builds next week but it will be cooler with the air from the NW
Some chilly nights inland next week, especially if cloud breaks

September 2021 Stats

Max 27.9°C (7th)
Min 6.7°C (30th)
Av. 15.2°C
Wettest 32mm (30th)
Av. Humidity 82%
Av. Barometer 1018.3 hPa
Max Gust 26.5mph (30th)
Av. Wind Direction SW
Rain 65.4mm (71% of average)
Rain Registered Days 13
Dry Days 17

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Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 6th of October 2021 at 5:05pm
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