Thursday 30th January – Sunday 2nd February

Hi all,

Some colder weather around on Thursday but not lasting long as we again look to the Atlantic for our weather.

Thursday is probably going to be the coldest day of the winter so far. Generally cloudy, some bright spells but with a raw easterly breeze and don’t rule out the odd snow flurry especially towards the Pennines. Highs of 3’C.

Friday will dawn with a slight frost in most places after a cold night. The morning looks dry but turning cloudy and rain will soon spread in from the west, maybe preceded by a little snow on the Pennines. Turning milder later. Highs of 6’C.

The weekend is looking showery and windy. Some showers maybe wintry on the highest hills.

Saturday sees any early rain clearing to sunshine and blustery showers. Feeling cold in the wind which may produce gale-force gusts at times. Highs of 6’C.

Sunday looks a similar day as low pressure is nearby. Fewer showers as the day progresses. The wind still making it feel cold. Highs of 6’C.

Looking ahead the weather remains unsettled with further rain or showers being fed in on a breezy, southwesterly or westerly wind. Much to my disappointment, no sign of wintry, snowy conditions on the horizon.

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Thursday 23rd January – Sunday 26th January

Hi All,

More unsettled weather on the way but maybe something a little more wintry at times especially into next week.

Thursday sees a band of squally rain race through during the morning. Turning colder as it clears away later with bright spells and the odd wintry shower afterwards which will be of snow on the Pennines. Feeling colder. Highs of 5’C.

Friday is likely to be icy with patchy frost and fog to start before more cloud and rain spreads from the west. Highs of 6’C.

Saturday will start cloudy with some bright spells. Windy with blustery showers and slightly milder air during the day. Highs of 7’C.

Sunday will be cloudy with rain at times spreading in from the west. It will be particularly heavy at times. It will also be very windy with gale-force gusts likely in exposed places. Turning colder later with a chance of hill-snow. Highs of 6’C.

Looking ahead, it looks likely, for a few days, that we will see an increasing risk of seeing some wintry showers. So hill-snow becomes a possibility with a chance of it being seen at lower levels. Certainly one to watch.

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Thursday 16th January – Sunday 19th January


So still we await some real wintry January-like weather with some snow. Like me, snow-lovers will have to remain patient for now. I will be tweeting at the first sign of the white stuff that’s for sure!

Thursday looks like a day of bright spells with well-scattered heavy showers. The showers will be heavy with possible thunder if you catch one but some places may be lucky enough to escape all together. Relatively mild with highs of 8’C.

Friday is a similar day. Low pressure close by so occasional showers are likely but not as heavy as Friday. Temperatures a little chillier with highs of 6’C.

Saturday will start chilly but with some nice bright spells. These short-lived as more cloud and rain spreads in again from the west bringing a damp and wet day especially over the hills with hill-fog. Highs of 7’C.

Sunday looks a cloudy day with further showers possibly easing later as drier and cooler weather comes in from the west. Temperatures around 6’C.

Looking ahead, some models point towards a colder spell around the 20th but only time will tell if we eventually slip into something wintry.

Here are some yearly statistics for 2013: Av. Temp = 9.1°C; Av. Max Temp = 12.3°C; Av. Min Temp = 5.9°C; Max Temp = 29.9°C; Min Temp= -5.5°C; Wettest Month = October; Driest & Windiest Month = April

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Thursday 9th January – Sunday 12th January

Hi All,

Happy New Year. Hope you had a great Christmas break.

So we are in January and still no sign of any snowfall but hopefully conditions will turn colder as we head towards mid-month. The signs are certainly showing colder conditions so fingers crossed.

Thursday will start will showery rain. Some heavy bursts. This will slowly ease during the day. Still mild but a chilly breeze. Highs of 8’C.

A chilly start on Friday. Maybe some ice and frost around. Bright skies replaced later on by cloud and rain from the west. However the rain should be patchy and light. Highs of 7’C.

Friday’s patchy rain will have eased by Saturday and we can expect a drier day with bright spells. Feeling a little colder, highs of 5’C.

Sunday also looks to be a bright day with drier conditions after a chilly frosty start. However, towards the evening we can expect rain to return from the south-west. Highs of 5’C.

December 2013 Stats: Warmest: 12.6’C; Coldest: 0.4’C; Wettest Day: 10.6mm; Windiest: 55mph; Total Rainfall: 70.4mm.

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