Thursday 16th January – Sunday 19th January


So still we await some real wintry January-like weather with some snow. Like me, snow-lovers will have to remain patient for now. I will be tweeting at the first sign of the white stuff that’s for sure!

Thursday looks like a day of bright spells with well-scattered heavy showers. The showers will be heavy with possible thunder if you catch one but some places may be lucky enough to escape all together. Relatively mild with highs of 8’C.

Friday is a similar day. Low pressure close by so occasional showers are likely but not as heavy as Friday. Temperatures a little chillier with highs of 6’C.

Saturday will start chilly but with some nice bright spells. These short-lived as more cloud and rain spreads in again from the west bringing a damp and wet day especially over the hills with hill-fog. Highs of 7’C.

Sunday looks a cloudy day with further showers possibly easing later as drier and cooler weather comes in from the west. Temperatures around 6’C.

Looking ahead, some models point towards a colder spell around the 20th but only time will tell if we eventually slip into something wintry.

Here are some yearly statistics for 2013: Av. Temp = 9.1°C; Av. Max Temp = 12.3°C; Av. Min Temp = 5.9°C; Max Temp = 29.9°C; Min Temp= -5.5°C; Wettest Month = October; Driest & Windiest Month = April

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