Sunny spells and Showers – Thursday 29th April 2021 – Bank Holiday Monday 3rd May 2021

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The dry spell has ended but what a decent spell of weather we had. OK the temperatures weren’t anything to raise an eyebrow at, but it was dry with plenty of getting-warmer-by-the-day sunshine. April is still on course to be one of the driest months I’ve ever recorded. With a Bank Holiday approaching, what next?

Temperatures will remain below average for the next week at least – no sign of the heatwave the media drivel on about

**UV levels now on the rise, and the sun is as strong as August, so remember sun-cream between 11am and 3pm.**

Thursday – A cold start with a touch of frost in places. Certainly a ground-frost so gardeners beware. Sunny spells with some isolated heavy showers developing. Max 10°C

Friday: Similar. Patchy frost to start, sunny spells and feeling pleasant in the sunshine but scattered heavy showers developing, some with hail and thunder and lightning. Max 11°C

Saturday: Bright spells and a few showers. The best of the sunshine during the morning after some ground-frost. Max 11°C

Sunday: Hopefully a good day. Sunny spells and fewer showers, so some areas escaping with a dry day. A little warmer. Max 13°C

Bank Holiday Monday: A bright start is expected with showery rain arriving from late-morning/lunch. Feeling cool and becoming windy. Max 10°C

Outlook: Staying cool then turning more unsettled with rain at times.

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Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 28th of April 2021 at 8:05pm.


Time to start watering the garden – Thursday 15th April 2021 – Sunday 18th April

Hi all,

Wintry showers were in last week’s weekly blog but the amount of snow that fell in certain areas earlier this week was much more than expected. With Arctic air in place blue skies followed to give us some stunning scenery.

The outlook isn’t particularly cold but not warming up significantly either. But a lot of dry weather. This month is on track to be the driest I’ve ever recorded. Also some more frosts to come so gardeners beware.

Last Sunday morning in Saddleworth: Image: @SBoydUK

Thursday: Frost to start with some mist and fog. Sunny spells the order of the day with a little cloud bubbling up. Max 11°C

Friday: Chilly start with a ground-frost. Sunny periods developing but more in the way of cloud likely later. Max 11°C

Weekend: Sunnier Saturday

Saturday: Sunny spells developing with any mist/fog clearing slowly, which could lead to some areas not seeing the sunshine until the afternoon. Light winds and less chilly. Max 12°C

Sunday: Weather-fronts out west will spill cloud in across the region so apart from the odd bright spell it will a cloudier day. Dry once. Max 13°C

Outlook: More cloud with perhaps some patchy rain moving through on Tuesday. I’ll be surprised if we see any rain to be honest. Midweek high pressure builds again so back to sunny spells, cool nights and lots of dry weather. Temperatures perhaps up to 15°C

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Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 14th of April 2021 at 8:45pm

Arctic Air Moves On – Thursday 8th April 2021 – Sunday 11th April 2021

Hi all,

The very cold spell is nearly over after Arctic air spread sub-zero temperatures, a biting wind-chill and snow/graupel showers across the region earlier this week.

Werneth Golf Club on Bank Holiday Monday – Image from @dentonreds6805 on Twitter

Records broken

Tuesday ended up being the joint coldest day I’ve ever recorded for April, only a max of 4.6°C and Tuesday night the coldest April night ever recorded at -3.8°C (locally close to -6°C in the countryside). Also, the lowest dew point ever recorded for April was broken at -9.8°C here at Chadderton HQ.

Thursday: Some patchy rain to start (hill sleet). Some showers into the afternoon and plenty of cloud. Winds now from the west so the Arctic air is out of here. Milder. Max 10°C

Friday: A cold front will push some patchy rain through during the morning then a much-improved afternoon with sunny spells. Cooler. Max 8°C

Weekend: Settled but still below average temperatures.

Saturday: Sunny spells and dry after a frosty start. Odd wintry shower might break out especially close to the hills. Cold northerly breeze. Max 8°C

Sunday: Frost to start then a similar day. Plenty of sunny spells, odd rogue wintry shower on a cold north-easterly wind. Max 8°C

Outlook: A lot of dry weather to come, which is great news. Patchy frost at night. Sunny spells by day with temperatures slowly recovering into double-digits. UV levels now approaching 4, so any lengthy sunny spells means you can start to work on your tan.

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April 2021 Stats

Max 20.7°C (31st)
Min -1.7°C (3rd)
Av. 6.6°C
Av. Dew Pt 3.4°C
Wettest 24.6mm (10th)
Av. Humidity 81%
Av. Barometer 1021.1 hPa
Max Gust 34.5mph (11th)
Av. Wind Direction WSW
Rain 102.6mm
Rain Registered Days 14
Dry Days 17
Air Frosts 3
Snow Falling Days 1


Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 7th of April 2021 at 11:50am

From Summer Warmth to a Winter Bite – Thursday 1st April 2021 – Bank Holiday Monday 5th April 2021

Hi all,

Well well well. What a 2 days it’s been, well maybe 2.5 as Monday afternoon wasn’t too bad either. We have ended March with a record-breaking high, 20.7°C recorded at Chadderton HQ. This smashes previous March highs.

🏆 New Record

Today (Wed 31st) beats all previous maximum temperatures for March. Records began August 2012.

Highest Temperature in March

2013 13.4°C
2014 14.8°C
2015 14.7°C
2016 13.1°C
2017 16.1°C
2018 13.7°C
2019 16.3°C
2020 17.4°C
2021 20.7°C

But you know what’s coming don’t you?

Thursday: Overnight winds will have swung to the north-east and increased allowing colder air to sink down. A cloudy start is expected with sunny spells developing widely. Dry but much colder, literally up to ten degrees in places. Max 12°C

Friday: Sunny spells for the morning but cloud is expected to thicken for the afternoon. Max 11°C

Saturday: Light winds with a cloudy start. Sunny spells developing. Max 11°C

Easter Sunday: Some sunny spells before cloud increases later. Some rain will move south later in the day/overnight, followed by much colder air from the Arctic. Some of the rain could turn to snow on the back edge, mostly above 150M. Max 10°C

Arctic air on the way for Bank Holiday Monday

Bank Holiday Monday: Brrrrrr!!! A bitter wind but at least it looks dry with sunny spells after any early-morning rain/sleet/snow clears. Temperatures well below-average. Frosty overnight. Max 6°C

Outlook: Remaining cold with night-frosts and bright spells by day. Some wintry showers possible. Slowly milder towards the weekend with a risk of rain.

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Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 31st of March 2021 at 7:20pm.

Unsettled weather to return – Thursday 25th March 2021 – Sunday 28th March 2021

Hi all,

We’ve had very little rain over the past 11 days and we’ve enjoyed some settled but often cloudy conditions. Our weather has been dormant but that’s all set to change.

Thursday: Sunny spells, breezy and a few scattered showers. Feeling pleasant away from the breeze. Max 11°C

Friday: Early rain, in the form of a narrow squally band with gusty winds, will move through. Temperatures will drop away after this and leave a day of bright spells and some frequent showers. Some of these will be wintry on the hills with a chance of hail. Cooler. Max 8°C

Weekend: Breezy with showers.

Saturday: A windy day with bright spells and some fleeting showers. Milder. Max 10°C

Sunday: Sunny spells fading to cloud with some light rain or drizzle arriving later in the day. Temperatures beginning to rise. Max 12°C

Outlook: Much milder for a couple of days but limited brightness. It will also be windy with some rain possible on western-facing hills. Turning colder later in the week, so a chilly Easter looks on the cards.

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Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 24th of March 2021 at 8:50pm

Very quiet and mostly dry – Thursday 18th March 2021 – Sunday 21st March 2021

Hi all,

High pressure is in charge of our weather and with that comes a lot of dry and uneventful weather. Good for the gardens to have a rest after last week’s rain.

Thursday to Sunday all similar days with mostly cloudy skies. Occasionally some bright spells will sneak through, especially on Thursday, which looks the mildest at 11-13°C. There is just the chance of a shower developing locally on Sunday.

Cooler for the weekend as the bright spells become more limited. Temperatures around or just below the average for the time of the year, 8-10°C.

High pressure hangs around for the next few days

No sign of any Spring-like weather yet but a lot of dry weather over the coming days, and into most, if not all of next week. Signs of the weather changing to allow some rain to arrive next weekend.

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Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 17th of March 2021 at 7:10pm.

Windy and Showery – Thursday 11th of March 2021 – Sunday 14th March 2021

Hi all,

What a miserable day it has been today, with nearly an inch of rain here (23mm). Winds are set to increase this evening and set to be at their strongest on Thursday morning as our weather enters an unsettled spell. Take it easy out there on your commute tomorrow morning. But will it last into next week?

These places saw over an inch of rain on Thursday (up to 5pm)

Thursday: The rain from yesterday’s deep area of low pressure will have now turned showery, some of these wintry on the hills, possible hail with thunder and lightning. Feeling cool with strong winds, gusting locally to 55mph, especially for the morning. Max 8°C

Friday: Continuing windy with bright spells and heavy, frequent showers, again wintry on the tops and don’t be surprised to see hail and encounter thunder & lightning once more. Max 8°C

Weekend: Little change.

Saturday: The theme continues, bright spells with blustery, some wintry, showers after overnight/early morning rain. Windy. Max 7°C

Sunday: Fewer showers are expected with some sunny spells. Winds easing but still breezy. Not too bad if you can dodge the showers. Rain looks set to return in the evening though. Max 8°C

Outlook: Some further showers or spells of rain to start Monday but then high pressure should build and settle things down and become the dominant feature of next week. Not wall-to-wall sunshine but variable cloud and dry and settled. Temperatures around average with currently no sign of Winter returning or a burst of Spring-warmth.

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Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 10th of March 2021 at 5:15pm

Rain on the horizon – Thursday 4th March 2021 – Sunday 7th March 2021



Winter is over and done with and the weather has settled down. We’ve had some gorgeous sunny blue skies recently, which meant it felt very pleasant during the day, despite not being that warm, and with some frosty nights thrown in. Now, we’ve joined the rest of England & Wales with more in the way of cloud and misty mornings. It’s not exactly rained a lot recently; time for that to change you’d think.

Thursday: Mostly cloudy and a cooler air-mass feeding in from the north-east later in the day and with it the odd shower. A chilly breeze. Patchy frost under any clear spells overnight. Max 7°C Min 1°C

Friday: Perhaps some bright spells for the morning. Cloud increasing and becoming mostly overcast. Cool but with light winds as high pressure sits over us. Max 7°C Min 0°C

Weekend: Mostly dry and settled but change ahead.

Saturday: Cloudy and dry with a few sunny spells here and there. Max 7°C Min 1°C

Sunday: Bright spells for the morning but cloud thickening later. Some showers possible before the day is out. Breezy. Max 8°C Min 3°C

Outlook: Becoming unsettled with periods of showery rain coming in from the Atlantic. More significant rain and windier as the week progresses. So the rain returns and with temperatures around normal it will feel chilly at times.

The Atlantic influence returns next week

February 2021 Stats

Max 12.9°C (24th)
Min -4.3°C (11th)
Av. 4.7°C
Av. Dew Pt 2.0°C
Wettest 17.6mm (2nd)
Av. Humidity 83%
Av. Barometer 1014.3 hPa
Max Gust 36mph (19th)
Av. Wind Direction SSE
Rain 70mm
Rain Registered Days 14
Dry Days 15
Air Frosts 8
Snow Falling Days 3

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Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 3rd of March 2021 at 6:10pm

Welcome sunshine – Thursday 25th February 2021 – Sunday 28th February 2021

Hi all,

We deserve this. After a cold and snowy spell, then mostly overcast and damp but mild conditions, a welcome change is on the way.

Thursday: We lose the cloud and mild conditions and turn a little fresher but that means some sunshine. So a nice day in store with sunny spells. Just the chance of a fleeting shower. Still mild for the time of year but fresher than recently. A chilly night to come under clear skies with a widespread ground-frost. Max 9°C Min 1°C

Friday: Some mist to start then a dry day with sunny spells. Some fair-weather cloud bubbling up now and again. Feeling pleasant in the sunshine. Again a cold night follows. Max 10°C Min 0°C

Weekend: Perfect to make a start on that garden.

Saturday: High pressure in charge but sunny spells might be reserved for later in the day as mist or fog is slow to clear. Max 9°C Min 1°C

Sunday: Another dry and decent day after early mist/ground-frost. Light winds so feeling pleasant with further sunny spells. Max 10°C Min 1°C

Outlook: Remaining settled, so mostly dry with some bright or sunny spells. Perhaps a south-easterly airflow setting up, so becoming a little cloudier and cooler as the wind freshens. Little rain to speak of and no sign of winter returning as we enter into Spring.

Here’s how the average temperatures panned out in 2020.

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Thanks for reading.

Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 24th of February 2021 at 7:50pm

Continuing mild – Thursday 18th February 2021 – Sunday 21st February 2021

Hi all,

The snow and bitterly cold air from last week feels like a distant memory after temperatures lifted to double-figures this week for the first time since mid-December.

Thursday: A spell of heavy rain for the morning commute followed by brighter skies and some heavy showers. Breezy and turning fresher. Max 8°C

Friday: Low pressure out in the Atlantic will control our weather bringing strong south-westerly winds, so milder once again. Mostly cloudy and dry for the morning but a risk of some rain arriving later in the day. Max 11°C

Weekend: Above average temperatures.

Saturday: Windy with some patchy rain, so some drier slots and feeling very mild for the time of year despite the wind. Max 13°C

Sunday: Morning drizzle giving way to bright spells and a better afternoon. Not as windy and the mild conditions continue. Max 12°C

Outlook: Daytime temperatures look set to stay in or close to double-digits for the remainder of the month with some spells of rain and brighter interludes in between. No sign of any late-winter cold, snow or even frosts. Will March bring one last cold snap I wonder?

Temperatures will stay above the average for the rest of the month; with parts of Europe expectionally mild next week – the recent frozen, snowy spell long gone.

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Thanks, as always for reading.

Forecast Issued on Wednesday the 17th of February 2020 at 6:05pm