Thursday 1st December 2016 – Sunday 4th December 2016

Hi all,

A late posting this week, washing machine troubles :/. Welcome to the meteorological winter

We have high pressure in charge of our weather and it’s been around for a few days now, which was welcome news after the floods earlier in the month, and it is here to stay.

After some sharp frosts and sunny days earlier this week, things have changed. Earlier in the week the wind was easterly dragging in drier air and clear skies, hence the frost and sunshine. 

The high pressure has now slipped position allowing cloud to topple in from the northwest making for a stale weather pattern.

Thursday to Sunday will all be similar days. Plenty of cloud and mostly dry but just the odd thicker area of cloud might produce drizzle at times.

More cloud-cover means the nights won’t be as frosty and the days will feel cooler with less in the way of sunshine. Hopefully more in the way of sunshine by Sunday.

If breaks do occur overnight we will see some mist or fog as well as a frost.

Max 6-9°C, Min -2°C.

Looking ahead: High pressure continues to be in charge early next week. Variable amounts of cloud. Any breaks allowing sun by day and some frosts by night. Very dry. Possibly a change later in the week as the high is pushed away but not without a fight.

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Thursday 24th November 2016 – Sunday 27th November 2016

Hi all,

Well that certainly was an active week of weather. Snow for many places above 250M on Friday morning, followed by 45-50mph gusts and 2-3 inches of rain on Monday, with almost an inch falling in an hour, with serious flash floods following.

Here in Chadderton, some records were broken.

  • 45mm of rain in 1 day beating Boxing Day 2015
  • 21.6mm of rain in any 1-hour period

Again, I would like to thank all those that tweeted me with photos, videos and information about local roads affected. These kind of instant ‘news flashes’ keeps everyone in the know quicker than anything else.

After all that, we have a much quieter week ahead as November eases toward an end.


High pressure set to bring drier and settled conditions for the next 5 days

A chilly start with a local patchy frost. A lovely day ahead with sunny spells and dry. A risk of an overnight frost. Max 8°C

Friday: Similar conditions with maybe more in the way of cloud as bright spells develop during the day. Max 8°C


A lot of cloud expected this weekend – any breaks likely in western areas

With an easterly feed now in place, we will drag in more cloud from the North sea. So although it should remain dry, it will feel colder with less sunshine on offer. The cloud however will mean a frost-free night. Max 7°C

Sunday: Little change from yesterday. Cloudy, feeling cold and in places, especially on the hills, the cloud might be thick enough for some drizzle. Max 8°C

Outlook: High pressure to start next week but it is replaced by some rain from the west. Remaining on the chilly side as we go through the week. Early signs point towards a colder start to December.

If you’re into weather charts then have a look at this website,, some great charts, features and animations.

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Forecast issued at 16:00 on Wednesday 23rd November 2016


Thursday 17th November 2016 – Sunday 20th November 2016

Hi all,

A bit of a late posting today, but I’m finally here with the usual weekly outlook on what our weather’s going to throw at us. It’s certainly not going to disappoint this week.

Thursday: Cold and windy. Showers of rain and possibly hail and thunder. Some sleet for the hills. There is a chance of more prolonged rain during the morning. 6°C

**There is a possibility that wintry showers will merge together to bring a spell of sleet or snow overnight on Thursday, especially above 200M. One to keep an eye on via my tweets**

Possibilities of some localised sleet and snow overnight Thursday and into Friday morning. Above 200M most at risk.

Friday: Possibly a wintry start as mentioned, then feeling quite bitter with a stiff northwesterly wind and some wintry showers. Sunny spells during the day mixed in with those showers. Showers dying away overnight leading to a frost. 5°C

Heavy rain arrives on Sunday, preceded by Pennine-snow?

Saturday: Frosty start, then a typical pleasant, autumnal day. Sunny spells, just the odd wintry shower but with lighter winds it won’t feel as cold as previous days. 6°C

Sunday: Another cold start with a touch of frost. Cloud soon thickening and the wind increasing as heavy rain, possibly preceded by hill-snow for a time, moves in from the south-west. There is a good deal of uncertainty about how strong the winds could be and how heavy the rain will be so keep your eyes on my tweets. A cold raw feeling day. 7°C

Looking ahead and it’s set to stay cold with unsettled conditions close by. 

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Forecast issued Wednesday 16th November at 18:30. 

Thursday 10th November 2016 – Sunday 13th November 2016

Hi all,

So we’re about 10 days into November and some areas have already experienced a ‘winter’ feel with some snow falling on higher ground on Tuesday night and into Wednesday. This is much earlier in the year/season than we are normally accustomed to. As things stand, the ingredients are all there for this coming winter to be a colder-than-average one and possibly, in my opinion, the coldest since 2010/11. Time will tell.

Thursday: An improvement on recent days with bright spells and milder. Some showers expected which could be heavy. Drier into the evening. Max 8°C

Friday: A little cooler again so a fresh feel but better with bright spells and mostly dry conditions. Rain will be trying to push in from the west overnight. Max 7°C

Not a great start to the weekend.

Saturday: Rain heavy at times makes slow progress across the region and slightly milder, showery weather follows. Breezy. Max 10°C

Sunday: Any showers should ease away and an improvement during the day. Bright spells and hopefully most places dry into the afternoon. Max 9°C

A slice of milder air into next week but cooler air should return

Looking ahead and next week looks milder but possibly only for several days then the cooler air returns. Whilst mild, expect some showers or longer spells of rain.

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Forecast Issued: Wednesday 9th November 2016 at 12:20

Thursday 3rd November 2016 – Sunday 6th November 2016

Hi all,

After an exceptionally dry October, which delivered only 18% of our average monthly rainfall, we enter November having certainly changed to much colder weather with our first frost of the season.

Thursday: A cold start but no frost due to cloud-cover. Cloud thickening and a cold wind developing. Some rain arriving towards late-afternoon and evening. If you’re off to Oldham’s Big Bang then pack something warm as well as waterproof. 9°C

Friday: A dull start with some rain, possibly heavy. This will clear to a more showery theme, so some more rain but bright spells in between. 10°C

Once the low pressure that brings Friday’s rain moves on we get another blast of cold Arctic air over the coming weekend. So if you’re off out to see a bonfire and fireworks display over the weekend, wrap up warm. Both Saturday and Sunday evenings look the better option for going out for Bonfire Night.


Winds from the Arctic again over the weekend – Cold evenings for those bonfires & fireworks

Saturday: Cold with sunny spells. Some showers likely but not everyone catching them. Frosty overnight. Colder. 8°C

Sunday: A frosty start and overnight too. In between sunny spells and there should be plenty of dry weather. 8°C

Looking ahead and next week remains cold, with some overnight frosts and mostly dry conditions. As the week progresses the Atlantic will try and feed in some less cold air and with it some bands of rain. By Thursday it could be mild again.

October 2016 Stats

Max 17.6°C (4th)
Min 4.2°C (22nd)
Wettest 9.4mm (18th)
Windiest 28mph (5th)
Rain 20.4mm (very low)
Rainy Days 19
Dry Days 12

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Forecast Issued: Wednesday 2nd November 2016 at 15:00