Thursday 1st December 2016 – Sunday 4th December 2016

Hi all,

A late posting this week, washing machine troubles :/. Welcome to the meteorological winter

We have high pressure in charge of our weather and it’s been around for a few days now, which was welcome news after the floods earlier in the month, and it is here to stay.

After some sharp frosts and sunny days earlier this week, things have changed. Earlier in the week the wind was easterly dragging in drier air and clear skies, hence the frost and sunshine. 

The high pressure has now slipped position allowing cloud to topple in from the northwest making for a stale weather pattern.

Thursday to Sunday will all be similar days. Plenty of cloud and mostly dry but just the odd thicker area of cloud might produce drizzle at times.

More cloud-cover means the nights won’t be as frosty and the days will feel cooler with less in the way of sunshine. Hopefully more in the way of sunshine by Sunday.

If breaks do occur overnight we will see some mist or fog as well as a frost.

Max 6-9°C, Min -2°C.

Looking ahead: High pressure continues to be in charge early next week. Variable amounts of cloud. Any breaks allowing sun by day and some frosts by night. Very dry. Possibly a change later in the week as the high is pushed away but not without a fight.

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