Thursday 26th February – Sunday 1st March

Hi all,

After a cold start to the week Thursday will dawn very mild with early rain. This will clear quickly to give sunny spells and the odd shower and it will become colder once again. Windy. The max of 9°C in the morning. 


Friday should be a day of bright spells and scattered showers. Remaining breezy making it feel chilly. Some showers wintry on the hills. Max 7°C.


As we head into the weekend it’s looking unsettled.


A dry start on Saturday then rain with gusty winds whip through followed by a drier slot with some showers laterMilder again later. Breezy. Max 9°C.


Early rain and winds on Sunday with plenty of showers on a stiff westerly airflow to follow, some of hail and thunder. Colder once again with showers turning wintry later on. Max 8°C.


Looking ahead into the meteorological Spring, temperatures remain around average with showery rain at times and windy. Later on signs of high pressure settling things down. 


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Thursday 19th February – Sunday 22nd February

Hi all,

High pressure has slipped away now as the Atlantic starts to take control of our weather.

Thursday will dawn wet with some rain spreading in from the west. Some heavy bursts then clearing away leaving sunshine and showers behind. Mild but breezy. Highs of 9°C.

Some more rain coming in from the west on Friday poses a threat of a washout but not guaranteed as it could be more concentrated to our south. However, still expect a showery day and feeling a bit cooler in a freshening wind. Highs of 6°C.

As we enter the weekend we pick up a cold, showery north-westerly airflow.

Saturday will be showery, some heavy and maybe wintry at times with hail and sleet. Some wet-snow is possible in the showers to higher ground. A cold windy day. Highs of 6°C.

More showers or longer spells of rain expected into Sunday after a dry start. Again feeling cold and windy at times. But temperature values up with highs of 10°C.

Looking ahead into next week; it looks windy with gales possible at times and further rain or showers with brighter spells in between. Possible wintry showers at times too.

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Thursday 12th February – Sunday 15th February

Hi all,

Most of the outlook does look frost-free as we have plenty of cloud-cover and temperatures pick up slightly. If you do sneak some longer clear spells overnight then a frost-risk is there. Some rumours were rife that snow is returning. I can confirm that it isn’t for the foreseeable future. Also, the dry February, apart from the snow, has come as a relief after January had 30 rainy days out of 31!

After a cloudy week Thursday continues in the same vain. An overcast day with most places dry but still a little chilly. Any chance of any brightness towards the east. Max 5°C.

As we go into Friday we see a change. Rain pushes in from the west and with breezy southerly winds it will be a touch milder. Quite windy for time and showery later. Max 8°C.

Saturday will be cloudy with some showers possible during the day but these look to be well-scattered and most places should be dry. Max 8°C.

As we go into Sunday it remains generally cloudy. Some brightness around and it starts to feel like we’re back to square one, settled with light winds. Max 8°C.

Looking ahead, no sign of anything cold or snowy as high pressure sits close to the UK. Temperatures remain about average and mainly settled with the high pressure to our south-west. We could see some showery rain at times. Has winter finished with us?

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January 2015 Stats: Warmest 12.9°C; Coldest -3.4°C (10 air frosts recorded); Wettest 14.4mm; Windiest 51mph; Total Rainfall 124.6mm.


Thursday 5th February – Sunday 8th February


The outlook is showing little variance as high pressure takes control and we slip into a settled period of weather and remain cold. Frost and fog is likely but how foggy and how hard the frosts are, is dependent on cloud-cover as more cloud slips into and around the high pressure from the northwest.

Bright or sunny spells and light winds on Thursday. Cold with a frost early and late especially where skies are clear the longest. Chance of an isolated wintry shower especially to the east. Max 5°C.

Friday cold with overnight patchy frost and bright spells during the day. Likely to see more cloud. Max 5°C.

Saturday and Sunday are very similar. Some clear spells mean a frosty or foggy start to both days and overnight. During the day will see a lot of variable cloud which on Saturday might produce some drizzle. Most areas will be generally cloudy but some sunny spells can’t be ruled out; so hit and miss. Max 5-6°C.

Looking ahead high pressure remains in control which keeps us chilly with a lot of cloud and fog patches. Later in the week, it becomes slowly milder but still a mainly dry picture throughout.

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