Thursday 19th February – Sunday 22nd February

Hi all,

High pressure has slipped away now as the Atlantic starts to take control of our weather.

Thursday will dawn wet with some rain spreading in from the west. Some heavy bursts then clearing away leaving sunshine and showers behind. Mild but breezy. Highs of 9°C.

Some more rain coming in from the west on Friday poses a threat of a washout but not guaranteed as it could be more concentrated to our south. However, still expect a showery day and feeling a bit cooler in a freshening wind. Highs of 6°C.

As we enter the weekend we pick up a cold, showery north-westerly airflow.

Saturday will be showery, some heavy and maybe wintry at times with hail and sleet. Some wet-snow is possible in the showers to higher ground. A cold windy day. Highs of 6°C.

More showers or longer spells of rain expected into Sunday after a dry start. Again feeling cold and windy at times. But temperature values up with highs of 10°C.

Looking ahead into next week; it looks windy with gales possible at times and further rain or showers with brighter spells in between. Possible wintry showers at times too.

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