Thursday 28th of June 2018 – Sunday 1st of July 2018

Hi all,

We are in the middle of a heatwave and bone dry conditions which contributed to the horrific Saddleworth Moor wildfire this week.

Saddleworth fire

Source: Dundee University – the wildfire showed up on satellite images

So sad to see so much countryside go up in smoke and it’s horrible to think about the devastation done to the wildlife.

Any rain would be welcome news to help the brave firefighters with their endless job in all this heat, but there’s nothing due this week.

We have struggled for rain over the last 2 months and with no rain expected in June we can confirm the monthly stats.

In May we only received 56% of the average monthly rainfall. In June only 19%. We need rain.

Throughout the forecast the UV levels are HIGH at 8, so remember sun-cream or you will burn very easily.

Thursday: Hot and sunny. Again, if you’re experiencing smoke from the wildfire then it will be hazy at times. Max 28°C

Friday: No change. Hot with widespread sunshine. With an easterly breeze bringing some relief from the heat. Max 27°C

Weekend: The heatwave continues. More BBQs and beer gardens to be had.

Saturday: Perhaps a little less hot with a keen easterly breeze. Plenty of sunshine. Max 25°C

Sunday: I sound like a broken record. Hot and sunny. Max 27°C

Outlook: The start of the working week will remain hot and sunny. It will start to become more humid which will make it feel muggy and uncomfortable to sleep at night. There were signs a few days ago that rain would arrive in the early hours of Monday morning but this now seems to stay away to our southwest. At the moment low pressure does look to move up from the south midweek and with it the chance of rain via hefty showers or thunderstorms. Temperatures will drop to the early 20s but with it the humid air will remain. Later in the week, towards next weekend, sees westerly winds return so turning fresher.

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Forecast issued: Wednesday the 27th of June at 4:15pm.
Image: Dundee University


Thursday 21st June 2018 – Sunday 24th June 2018

Hi all,

We have some very warm, even hot weather on the way, which could well go down as a heatwave (the av. max. temperature for late-June is 19.5°C). Good news if you like it hot. Bad news for gardeners and growers though, as there is very little, if any, rain in the forecast for the next 10-14 days. Expect to see temperatures around 30°C for some places in the UK next week.

Thursday: A chilly start and much fresher with a cool northwesterly airflow. Dry with sunny spells and breezy. Max 17°C

Friday: High pressure builds from the west. Sunny spells with fair-weather cloud bubbling up during the day. Dry. Max 19°C

Weekend: Sunday sees the start of the temperature rise.

Saturday: Sunny to start but cloud will develop duiring the day. Dry with sunny spells and light winds. Max 18°C

Sunday: Much warmer with pleasant sunny spells. Dry. Max 23°C

Heatwave 31

Predicted Maximum Temperatures for midweek next week –  30°C possible

Outlook: High pressure in charge and temperatures rising. We look likely to develop a southeasterly flow which will drag in hot air from the continent. We could be seeing values of 25-28°C quite widely. This is expected to continue throughout the week with no sign of any significant rain. As well as some hot sunshine during this period we will see some variable cloud at times. At this stage it looks like the weather will become cooler from around the 2nd of July.

Remember at this time of year the sun is very strong, UV levels are HIGH at 7 or higher, so apply sun-cream if you’re planning to be out in it for a while, otherwise you will burn regardless of what the temperature is.

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Forecast issued: Wednesday the 20th of June at 10am.

Thursday 14th June 2018 – Sunday 17th June 2018

Hi all,

I’m back, after a wonderful week in Kos with days of hot sunshine, temperatures into the 30s and even a storm one evening to top it all off. I was hoping the weather in the UK would have been awful while I was away but it’s continued to be reasonable. Now I’m back so is the Jet Stream and a change in our weather pattern.

The lack of rain is certainly starting to have an effect on the local reservoirs and gardens. Some welcome rain ahead but long-term for the rest of June I’m thinking not enough. Some media report a 3-month heatwave. They’ve clearly had too much vodka or sun, or perhaps both :).


The Jet Stream is back

Thursday: A change to something we haven’t seen for a while. The Jet Stream will bring in an active area of low pressure, a little unseasonal for the time of year. Any morning rain will clear quickly leaving bright spells and a few scattered showers. It will also be very windy, especially during the morning with a warning in place for gusts to 55mph. Apart from the wind not a bad day at all just feeling cooler. Max 17°C

Friday: A quieter day with mostly cloudy skies, some bright spells and the odd shower here and there. Max 17°C

Weekend: Sunday looks the best.

Saturday: Another weather front will come in from the west with a band of rain then hefty showers, some of which could be thundery later. Breezy for a time. Max 16°C

Sunday: Drier with pleasant sunny spells developing. Most places a little warmer and drier but we can’t rule out a scattered shower. Max 18°C

Outlook: Patchy rain and cloud on Monday, after that high pressure will start to build again from the southwest, nudging the Jet Stream further north again, so becoming settled with warm, sunny intervals.

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Forecast issued: Wednesday the 13th of June at 6pm.


Thursday 7th June 2018 – Sunday 10th June 2018

Hi all,

A quick blog this week as I am on holiday.

Another week and another one of decent enough weather, for us to be enjoying the great outdoors. This is turning out to be some settled spell that has spanned the back-end of Spring and continued into Summer. It is however, time we had some rain. Shhhhhh not too loudly.

Thursday: Hazy sunny spells across the region and feeling warm and humid. Dry with light winds. Max 21°C

Friday: More in the way of cloud. Warm with bright spells at times, best in the west. Feeling muggy. Max 19°C

Weekend: Remaining warm, settled but not necessarily dry for all.

Saturday: Cloudy with some bright spells. Chance of a few showers especially in the west which could be thundery. Max 19°C

Sunday: Bright spells with a chance of an isolated shower but most places dry again. A little warmer and humid. Max 21°C

Outlook: Sunny spells but becoming cooler as winds turn northwesterly. Some rain or showers look possible later in the week and the settled weather pattern might finally be changing. Watch this space.

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Remember at this time of year the sun is very strong, UV levels are HIGH at 7, so apply sun-cream if you’re planning to be out in it for a while, otherwise you will burn regardless of what the temperature is.



Forecast issued on Wednesday the 6th of June at 5pm.

Thursday 31st May 2018 – Sunday 3rd June 2018

Hi all,

Well what a month May has been! We’ve had decent weather for the majority of the month, with plenty of sunshine and drier-than-average conditions. I will tweet the statistics on Friday. Long may it continue I say, although I suspect we will pay for this in the coming “summer” months. Speaking of summer. Meteorologically-speaking that is, it starts on Friday!

Thursday: Mostly cloudy to start but some sunny spells will break through. It will be warm and humid with a chance of a shower early and also, which is more likely, later in the day. Perhaps a localised thunderstorm into the evening. Max 22°C

Friday: Early bright spells will be replaced by heavy, possibly thundery showers moving up from the south. Some will catch them, some will again miss out. Still feeling muggy. Max 22°C

Weekend: A lot of cloud to start but remaining warm. Sunnier later, as high pressure builds again.

Saturday: Bright spells developing in some places and it should remain dry after any early-morning showers clear. Feeling a little fresher. Max 20°C

Sunday: A bit warmer again with sunny spells developing quite widely and dry. Max 22°C

Looking ahead: The set-up stays the same. Warm and sometimes muggy air with some thunderstorms drifting over from France.

Outlook: Remaining warm, temperatures hovering between the high-teens and early 20s. We will also see plenty of sunny spells but with the risk of a few thundery downpours drifting up from the south-east. With low pressure over France feeding up some these downpours over the coming days, they could be disruptive, so stay tuned on Twitter for updates.

Remember at this time of year the sun is as strong as early-July, UV levels are HIGH at 7, so apply sun-cream if you’re planning to be out in it for a while, otherwise you will burn regardless of what the temperature is.

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Forecast Issued at 7:20pm on Wednesday the 30th of May 2018