Thursday 21st June 2018 – Sunday 24th June 2018

Hi all,

We have some very warm, even hot weather on the way, which could well go down as a heatwave (the av. max. temperature for late-June is 19.5°C). Good news if you like it hot. Bad news for gardeners and growers though, as there is very little, if any, rain in the forecast for the next 10-14 days. Expect to see temperatures around 30°C for some places in the UK next week.

Thursday: A chilly start and much fresher with a cool northwesterly airflow. Dry with sunny spells and breezy. Max 17°C

Friday: High pressure builds from the west. Sunny spells with fair-weather cloud bubbling up during the day. Dry. Max 19°C

Weekend: Sunday sees the start of the temperature rise.

Saturday: Sunny to start but cloud will develop duiring the day. Dry with sunny spells and light winds. Max 18°C

Sunday: Much warmer with pleasant sunny spells. Dry. Max 23°C

Heatwave 31

Predicted Maximum Temperatures for midweek next week –  30°C possible

Outlook: High pressure in charge and temperatures rising. We look likely to develop a southeasterly flow which will drag in hot air from the continent. We could be seeing values of 25-28°C quite widely. This is expected to continue throughout the week with no sign of any significant rain. As well as some hot sunshine during this period we will see some variable cloud at times. At this stage it looks like the weather will become cooler from around the 2nd of July.

Remember at this time of year the sun is very strong, UV levels are HIGH at 7 or higher, so apply sun-cream if you’re planning to be out in it for a while, otherwise you will burn regardless of what the temperature is.

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Forecast issued: Wednesday the 20th of June at 10am.

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