Thursday 27th November – Sunday 30th November

Issued at 08:30 on Wednesday 26th of November


After frosts to start our week and a few cold days to follow, milder nights are set to return.

Thursday will be a fairly cloudy day but with some occasional sunny spells and hopefully dry. A breeze should start to pick up later in the day making it feel chilly. Highs of 8°C.

More in the way of cloud on Friday but most of us dry but less sunshine than Thursday and a risk of some rain towards the eastern side of the region. A noticeable south-easterly breeze making it chilly but temperatures on the rise. Highs of 11°C.

As we go into the weekend it looks like we keep the weather fronts at bay.

Saturday will be mainly cloudy, some bright spells especially to the west and a slight breeze. Highs of 10°C.

The pattern continues into Sunday. Remaining mainly dry, generally overcast with a murky morning likely. Odd bright spell and breezy. Cooler. Highs of 8°C.

Looking ahead and we officially start the Meteorological winter but no sign of our first snowfall. It will remain mainly cloudy and cool. Any cloud-breaks overnight will lead to some patchy frost.

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Thursday 20th November – Sunday 23rd November

Issued at 12:10 on Wednesday 19th November

Hi all,

November is passing by without anything wintry and that looks likely to remain the case. To be fair it isn’t officially winter yet, so fingers crossed for some snow in December.

On Thursday we will see a settled day across the region but with mainly cloudy skies. Some brightness possible and average temperatures. Highs of 10’C.

No frost worries as we enter Friday but it will feel a little chilly as we develop a freshening south-easterly wind. Hopefully it will stay dry during daylight hours and again mainly cloudy. Rain should arrive from the west as we head into the evening and night. Highs of 9’C.

The weekend isn’t too great with low pressure close by but hopefully it settles down a little on Sunday.

Saturday looks set to start off wet with rain at times, some of which could be heavy. This will push eastwards during the day introducing showery conditions with some brightness and a fresh breeze. Highs of 11’C.

There is a possibility of some more prolonged rain Saturday night into Sunday morning with cooler weather following on behind. Sunday should then see sunshine with the low risk of a shower. A chilly night is possible with cooler air and clearing skies so some ground frost is likely. Highs of 9’C.

Looking ahead is a little tricky. It can’t decide whether to settle down with some brightness and chilly nights or continue to be unsettled. However, for now, nothing majorly cold and probably just showery.

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Thursday 13th November – Sunday 16th November

Issued 10am on Wednesday 12th November


Thursday will start with a drier morning after the recent rain. It will be windy with a keen southeasterly flow taking the edge off the temperatures. Bright spells but cloudier later with rain into late-afternoon. Highs 12°C.

Friday sees any early rain sweep across the region with some heavy bursts possible but soon clearing to a day of bright spells and the odd shower. Less wind with highs of 12°C. Possibly foggy overnight.

The weekend starts with a better day on Saturday once any fog clears. Further rain should stay away to our south-west and northeast leaving us sandwiched in between with bright spells but with low pressure nearby we can’t rule out a late shower. Highs of 11°C.

Sunday pretty much the same. Bright spells with an isolated shower or two. There will be some rain to our southwest so one to keep an eye on in case it tracks further north-eastwards. Highs of 11°C.

Looking ahead low pressure stays close by; so unsettled at times with some showery rain. Hints of maybe something cooler and more settled towards the end of the month, but for now no signs of anything cold and frosty.

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Thursday 6th November – Sunday 9th November

Hi all,

October ended with a record-breaking Halloween with 20°C reached in a few sheltered spots across the region. We also saw 22 rainy days out of 31, making it quite an unsettled month. A new month however, has brought more autumnal-like temperatures and our first frost of the season but will it last?

Thursday starts off on a cold and frosty note with some local mist patches too and it is likely to have been the coldest night of the year so far. Sunny spells during the morning but cloud from the west with rain and breezy conditions into the afternoon making it feel cold especially when the wind picks up later. Highs of 9°C.

Friday will be a day of sunny spells and showers. Some heavy and we could possibly see some hail. Breezy but a little milder. Highs of 11°C.

It looks like Sunday is the better day of the weekend.

A similar day as we enter the weekend with Saturday looking showery, and these showers may merge to give some longer spells of rain at times but bright spells possible in between. Winds from a southerly direction raising temperatures slightly. Windy again with highs of 12°C.

Sunday should be a little drier. Still scattered showers around but more in the way of brighter spells hopefully giving us a better day. Outside chance of some showers returning late-evening. Highs around average at 12°C.

Looking ahead, it seems a little more settled with normal temperatures and we could still see the odd chilly night.   

October 2014 Stats: Warmest 18.7°C; Coldest 3.4°C; Wettest 19.2mm; Windiest 39mph; Total Rainfall 80.6mm.

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