Thursday 31st October – Sunday 3rd November


Luckily we escaped the storm earlier this week but looking at this weekend it looks like we will be getting our fair share of very windy weather which has the potential to be stormy.

Thursday will see the cool theme continue with bright spells and showers. Some heavy with hail and thunder. A brisk south-westerly wind with highs of 11’C

Friday looks set to start with less showers and a little calmer but still cool. However it looks cloudier later with a threat of rain spreading in. Highs of 12’C.

The weekend sees a return to wet and very windy weather, spreading in from the Atlantic so unsettled and feeling cold on both days.

Expecting a day of rain at times on Saturday, clearing later to showers. Windier than the last few days and highs of 10’C.

Sunday will be windy or even very windy, with gales in parts and especially gusty in the frequent, heavy showers. Hail and thunder possible again. Highs of 10’C.

Next week looks to remain unsettled with showers or spells of rain at times with temperatures around normal after possibly a cold Monday and bonfire night.

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Thursday 24th October – Sunday 27th October


We are still in a pattern of unsettled weather and that looks set to stay until the end of October. Also there is something to keep our eye on for the start of next week.

Thursday will be a much better day than Wednesday. After a cold, misty and maybe foggy start the morning will be bright with sunny spells. More cloud as the day progresses but remaining dry. A little cooler and less windy. Highs of 13’C.

Cloud and the breeze will increase overnight and a wet Friday looks on the cards, especially in the morning with periods of rain and it will be windy. A bit brighter into the afternoon with some showers but still gusty and feeling a little milder. Highs of 15’C.

As we enter the weekend low pressure will remain in charge influencing the weather.

Saturday will be a showery with occassional bright spells. Some of the showers will be heavy. Cooler with westerly winds. Highs of 14’C.

Sunday sees the showers hanging around but quite scattered as the day goes on and they should die away later into the afternoon. Cool and breezy, with cloud thickening into the evening with rain later. Highs of 14’C.

There is a deep area of low pressure set to cross the UK Sunday night into Monday with high winds and a lot of rain. The location of this low is still not certain but areas could see 55-70mph winds. At the moment the Southern half of the UK looks most at risk but things could change. To keep up to date on this “storm” and your local weather, follow Jon, @ChadWeather on Twitter.


Thursday 10th October – Sunday 13th October


Finally the above average temperatures and very mild feel to October has left us as we feel our first autumn chill.

Thursday will be a brighter day than Wednesday with sunny spells and just maybe the odd shower around. Despite the brightness it will be feeling cold especially in the strong north to north-easterly winds. Highs of only 10’C and cold overnight with a touch of ground frost in places.

Friday will start cold after probably the coldest night for over 4 months but the day should be dry with bright spells. Still feeling cold with a north-easterly breeze and just maybe a rogue shower to the east. Another cold night to follow. Highs of 11’C.

The weekend does promise to be mainly dry but increasingly cloudy and still with a keen wind making it feel cold.

Saturday dawns chilly and some sheltered parts may see some early mist or fog patches then a day of bright spells follows and generally dry across the region but possibly more cloudy later on. Highs of 12’C.

Sunday should be similar to Saturday but there is a chance that eastern areas are more cloudy with a threat of showery rain. Otherwise, bright spells, dry and feeling cold. Highs of 12’C.

Next week looks to remain cool with bright spells.

September 2013 Stats: Warmest: 23.8’C; Coldest: 6.3’C; Wettest Day: 14.6mm; Windiest: 39mph; Total Rainfall: 46.2mm.

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Thursday 3rd October – Sunday 6th October


After over 10 days of reasonably dry and quite settled weather for late September we have seen a change in the last 24 hours.

Thursday seems set to be a wet day generally with rain at times, some of which will be heavy, with a strong southerly wind. Some areas may have a dry start though. Mild to warm for October with highs of 17’C and feeling muggy.

Friday sees the weather start to become settled again as the day progresses. Still a day of showers, with some brighter spells and breezy. Becoming fresher from the west. Highs of 16’C.

It then looks like high pressure will take charge again, building from the south-west and the weather will settle down.

Saturday may just have an early rogue shower but the day looks set to be cloudy with bright spells and although fresher it will be pleasant for the time of year. Highs of 16’C.

Sunday again looks reasonable. It should be dry with fair amounts of bright spells and light winds. Highs of 18’C in some favoured parts.

Looking ahead next week it remains settled and temperatures will be above average for October.

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