Thursday 24th October – Sunday 27th October


We are still in a pattern of unsettled weather and that looks set to stay until the end of October. Also there is something to keep our eye on for the start of next week.

Thursday will be a much better day than Wednesday. After a cold, misty and maybe foggy start the morning will be bright with sunny spells. More cloud as the day progresses but remaining dry. A little cooler and less windy. Highs of 13’C.

Cloud and the breeze will increase overnight and a wet Friday looks on the cards, especially in the morning with periods of rain and it will be windy. A bit brighter into the afternoon with some showers but still gusty and feeling a little milder. Highs of 15’C.

As we enter the weekend low pressure will remain in charge influencing the weather.

Saturday will be a showery with occassional bright spells. Some of the showers will be heavy. Cooler with westerly winds. Highs of 14’C.

Sunday sees the showers hanging around but quite scattered as the day goes on and they should die away later into the afternoon. Cool and breezy, with cloud thickening into the evening with rain later. Highs of 14’C.

There is a deep area of low pressure set to cross the UK Sunday night into Monday with high winds and a lot of rain. The location of this low is still not certain but areas could see 55-70mph winds. At the moment the Southern half of the UK looks most at risk but things could change. To keep up to date on this “storm” and your local weather, follow Jon, @ChadWeather on Twitter.


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