Thursday 28th November – Sunday 1st December


As we end November we will see a cold and windy day on Friday but generally some milder days ahead.

Thursday will continue the recent theme of mainly cloudy weather with occassional drizzle or light rain likely and with fog on the hills. Mild like Wednesday with highs around 9’C.

Friday sees a brief change. Some rain will quickly pass through the region in the early hours followed by colder, showery conditions with a keen strong north or northwesterly wind. Some hail likely. Highs of 7’C and feeling cold in the wind.

The weekend looks generally quiet and dry with Saturday possibly the better day.

Saturday should see lighter winds and less showers than Friday. A day of bright spells across the region with any early showers easing away. Highs of 6’C.

Sunday after a possible bright start, will then be a cloudier day than Saturday. Apart from a risk of drizzle it should remain dry. Feeling milder again. Highs of 8’C.

As we head into December we remain with average temperatures but the computer models point towards a cold spell around the 6-7th of December. A long way off but something to keep my eye on.

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Thursday 21st November – Sunday 24th November


It now actually feels like late-November, as we undergo a cold spell of weather. However, the forecast looks much drier and slightly more settled after what was a wild Wednesday morning.

Thursday will be bright with sunny spells and the odd isolated wintry shower. Any showers will ease later. Chilly with highs of 6’C.

Friday will be dry and bright after a cold patchy-frost start. Another cold day ahead with light winds and highs of 5’C.

The weekend promises to be dry but with some frosts and an increasing risk of freezing fog.

Saturday will be bright with sunny spells but some areas may remain overcast after a misty or foggy start. Frost possible early and late. Highs of 5’C.

Sunday again will start cold with frost where skies have been clear the longest. There is also a higher risk of freezing fog.
Where fog lifts we should have bright spells but some fog may lift into low cloud. Highs of 6’C but much colder if fog persists.

The outlook suggests high pressure to stay in charge; keeping us settled and dry with the cold-theme continuing, giving some patchy fog and frost.

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Thursday 14th November – Sunday 17th November


We are now in mid-November and it looks like next week will see us feel the first chill of the approaching winter.

Thursday will be a windy day making it feel cold with a strong northwesterly across the region. Showers expected in the morning, easing away later. Highs of 8’C.

Friday will again be breezy and feeling cold after a chilly start. However, apart from a low shower risk early on it will be mainly dry with some bright spells in most areas. Highs of 9’C.

The weekend will feel a little milder.

Saturday could dawn a little misty or foggy then the day looks generally cloudy with the odd bright spell. Maybe patchy rain later on. Highs of 10’C.

Sunday will see any patchy rain clear through from the north and a cooler northwesterly wind will bring some brighter conditions. Highs of 9’C

Next week it turns colder, especially into Tuesday & Wednesday with northerly winds, overnight frosts and some wintry showers possible.

Some of the press are basically predicting a mini iceage (snigger). It will not be anything but a normal mid- to late-November cold snap that will bring frosts, snow showers to the our hills and some wintry showers to lower levels. So do not panic. We are looking at daytime temperatures of 4-5’C. So not exactly in the freezer!!

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Thursday 7th November – Sunday 10th November

Hi all,

The next few days is looking like remaining wet at times which will keep a current record going; which so far stands at 26 days of consecutive measurable rainfall.

Thursday is set to be bright & breezy with occasional scattered showers drifting in from the west as the day progresses. Feeling cold in the wind. Highs of 10’C.

Friday will again see showers but this time more frequent and maybe merging at times. Breezy again and the wind making it feel cold. Highs of 9’C.

Again we head into a weekend with an unsettled and tricky outlook.

Saturday might see a dry start but showers spreading from the north-west on a chilly wind. Some showers maybe wintry on the highest hills. Turning a little colder into the evening. Highs of 9’C.

Sunday might start with some frost or even an ice risk after Saturday’s showers. This will soon clear and it is expected to turn wet & windy from the west gradually during the day. Winds increasing too. Highs of 8’C.

Looking into next week it starts unsettled but signs show that settled weather will try to build, to at last give us a break from the autumnal unsettled spell.

October 2013 Stats: Warmest: 18.1’C; Coldest: 3.8’C; Wettest Day: 14.0mm; Windiest: 33mph; Total Rainfall: 119.4mm.

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