Thursday 28th November – Sunday 1st December


As we end November we will see a cold and windy day on Friday but generally some milder days ahead.

Thursday will continue the recent theme of mainly cloudy weather with occassional drizzle or light rain likely and with fog on the hills. Mild like Wednesday with highs around 9’C.

Friday sees a brief change. Some rain will quickly pass through the region in the early hours followed by colder, showery conditions with a keen strong north or northwesterly wind. Some hail likely. Highs of 7’C and feeling cold in the wind.

The weekend looks generally quiet and dry with Saturday possibly the better day.

Saturday should see lighter winds and less showers than Friday. A day of bright spells across the region with any early showers easing away. Highs of 6’C.

Sunday after a possible bright start, will then be a cloudier day than Saturday. Apart from a risk of drizzle it should remain dry. Feeling milder again. Highs of 8’C.

As we head into December we remain with average temperatures but the computer models point towards a cold spell around the 6-7th of December. A long way off but something to keep my eye on.

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