Thursday 1st August – Sunday 4th August

Hi all,

Well what an eventful weather week that was. Thunderstorms and prolonged torrential rain Saturday night into Sunday produced some staggering rainfall statistics. We recorded 63mm of rain in just over 9 hours, which is almost a month’s worth of rain for July, and during a one-hour period we saw an impressive 20mm.

By the time we get to Thursday we will have introduced very warm and humid air again. After a possibly drizzly start it will be a day of sunny spells and some isolated, thundery showers by the afternoon with highs of a muggy 26’C.

This humid and very warm weather will be short-lived though. As we go into Friday we could see some rain early on. It will be generally cloudy at first but this will be replaced by brighter and showery weather but also fresher conditions with a steady breeze. Highs of 23’C.

Saturday will be a day of scattered showers, which maybe heavy at times especially on the hills, but also with some pleasant sunny spells. Highs of 22’C.

Sunday should start off on quite a sunny note, but cloud will bubble up to give another day of sunshine with the odd shower risk but hopefully less showers than on Saturday. Highs of 21’C.

Looking ahead next week the weather seems to be remaining in the slightly unsettled mood with sunshine and scattered, heavy showers and near normal temperatures.

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July 2013 Stats (as of the 31st): Warmest: 28.8′C; Coldest: 10.4’C; Wettest Day: 34.8mm; Windiest: 26mph; Total 91.8mm.

Thursday 25th July – Sunday 28th July

Hi all,

After over 2 weeks of bone-dry and sometimes hot summery weather, it all ended with a bang on Tuesday morning! Most people were woken up by thunder and lightning and torrential rain. Some places recorded some localised road-surface flash-flooding as up to 15mm of rain fell in a short space of time.

Although the heatwave has gone we will still see some reasonably warm and humid weather over the next few days.

Thursday will possibly start wet with outbreaks of rain. This will push away to give a day of sunshine and showers. These will be well scattered but if you catch one it could be heavy with thunder. Still feeling quite muggy with highs of 23’C.

Friday will have well-scattered heavy showers and some decent sunny spells so a better day than Thursday. Again warm 24’C.

Saturday will be showery but again isolated, so some places will get them and some places not. Pleasant in the sunshine with highs of around 24’C and still feeling a little humid.

Sunny spells on Sunday but again with showers around and some heavy. There is a risk that we could see more persistent and heavier rain for a time. One to watch on the Twitter account. Still warm though at 23’C.

Looking ahead it seems the weather will remain warm but occassionally unsettled.

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Have a good weekend folks.


Thursday 18th July – Sunday 21st July


Good news! Our summer is here and it is set to continue.

The glorious week sees Thursday follow suit. Any early mist and cloud, mainly to the west, will soon burn off and we will see a very warm to hot day with just some fair-weather cloud bubbling up during the afternoon heat. Dry and highs of 26’C.

Friday will be a similar day. Early mist soon disappearing and a lovely day with sunny spells and hot. There is though, an outside chance of a late thunderstorm towards the Pennines but the risk isn’t high. Highs of 27’C.

Throughout this forecast the UV levels are high so wearing suncream is essential as burn time is low. Also, pollen levels will be high to very high so not good news for hayfever sufferers.

With high pressure still in charge of the weather the weekend holds little change.

Saturday will see another summery day with sunny spells and strong sunshine and temperatures remain high at 26’C. A bit more cloud possible in the afternoon giving the threat of a late sharp shower, but low risk and localised towards the Pennines.

After another warm and muggy night, Sunday will be a day of some fair-weather cloud and sunny spells. Feeling hot and humid again and highs of 26’C.

Looking ahead into next week current signs show that the lovely very warm to hot weather will continue with some occassional cloud at times. There is a chance, looking long-term that this weather may last to the end of July but for now it is a long way off so take it as a possible rather than a likely.

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Hope you enjoy this gloriously hot weather.


Thursday 11th July – Sunday 14th July


Summer finally arrived, so I hope you all have been enjoying the sunshine and hot temperatures. It hasn’t been an official heatwave but it was close. A heatwave must have 2 consecutive days where the maximum temperature is 28’C or above and go no lower than 15’C at night.

So what’s in store for the next few days.

Thursday will have some cloud around at first but this will thin and break to leave a day of sunny spells and light winds. It will again be dry and warm to very warm but not as hot as earlier in the week. Highs of 24’C.

Friday will see it return to feeling hot again and also humid. It will be a lovely sunny day with strong sunshine but the increase in humidity may spark off an isolated storm over the Pennines. Highs of 26’C.

Saturday will see slightly more cloud around and it may give a heavy shower or thunderstorm later on, especially towards the hillier parts of the region but not a high risk. Otherwise, another warm day with some sunny spells but cooler than Friday. Highs of 22’C.

Sunday will be dry with sunny spells but possibly with some early stubborn cloud. Still warm. Highs of 21’C.

Looking ahead into next week it looks like it will continue mainly dry with warm sunny spells but with the odd shower risk.

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Have a great weekend.


Thursday 4th July – Sunday 7th July


After my little rant last week about “Where’s our summer?”, the answer is, it’s coming! As we progress through the weekend and into next week it will warm up nicely with some decent temperatures and summery weather.

Thursday will see another showery day, as a frontal system moves through the region. Any early rain will turn showery and these showers should die away by evening as the weather starts to settle down and we see some sunny spells in the afternoon. A brisk westerly breeze. Highs of 18’C.

Friday will see a much better day and it will probably be the best of the week so far. It might start a little cloudy but soon brighter with some sunny spells by the afternoon, which will help lift the temperatures. Highs of 19’C.

Saturday will see winds fall light and temperatures start to rise further, as we see a day of sunny spells and dry weather with maybe some high cloud. Feeling very pleasant and warmer with highs of 22’C.

Sunday might see some stubborn cloud around early on, but this will hopefully burn off to leave a dry day with some good sunny spells and it will start to feel very warm. Highs of 24’C.

Looking ahead, the dry, settled and very warm weather looks set to continue as high pressure dominates. We could be seeing some hot weather at times with highs of 27’C into early next week but the humidity may increase making it muggy and a bit uncomfortable to sleep at night.

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June 2013 Day Stats: Warmest: 23.5’C; Coldest: 5.9’C; Wettest: 17.8mm; Windiest: 38mph.