Thursday 18th July – Sunday 21st July


Good news! Our summer is here and it is set to continue.

The glorious week sees Thursday follow suit. Any early mist and cloud, mainly to the west, will soon burn off and we will see a very warm to hot day with just some fair-weather cloud bubbling up during the afternoon heat. Dry and highs of 26’C.

Friday will be a similar day. Early mist soon disappearing and a lovely day with sunny spells and hot. There is though, an outside chance of a late thunderstorm towards the Pennines but the risk isn’t high. Highs of 27’C.

Throughout this forecast the UV levels are high so wearing suncream is essential as burn time is low. Also, pollen levels will be high to very high so not good news for hayfever sufferers.

With high pressure still in charge of the weather the weekend holds little change.

Saturday will see another summery day with sunny spells and strong sunshine and temperatures remain high at 26’C. A bit more cloud possible in the afternoon giving the threat of a late sharp shower, but low risk and localised towards the Pennines.

After another warm and muggy night, Sunday will be a day of some fair-weather cloud and sunny spells. Feeling hot and humid again and highs of 26’C.

Looking ahead into next week current signs show that the lovely very warm to hot weather will continue with some occassional cloud at times. There is a chance, looking long-term that this weather may last to the end of July but for now it is a long way off so take it as a possible rather than a likely.

To keep up to date with your local weather, follow Jon, @ChadWeather on Twitter.

Hope you enjoy this gloriously hot weather.


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