Thursday 25th July – Sunday 28th July

Hi all,

After over 2 weeks of bone-dry and sometimes hot summery weather, it all ended with a bang on Tuesday morning! Most people were woken up by thunder and lightning and torrential rain. Some places recorded some localised road-surface flash-flooding as up to 15mm of rain fell in a short space of time.

Although the heatwave has gone we will still see some reasonably warm and humid weather over the next few days.

Thursday will possibly start wet with outbreaks of rain. This will push away to give a day of sunshine and showers. These will be well scattered but if you catch one it could be heavy with thunder. Still feeling quite muggy with highs of 23’C.

Friday will have well-scattered heavy showers and some decent sunny spells so a better day than Thursday. Again warm 24’C.

Saturday will be showery but again isolated, so some places will get them and some places not. Pleasant in the sunshine with highs of around 24’C and still feeling a little humid.

Sunny spells on Sunday but again with showers around and some heavy. There is a risk that we could see more persistent and heavier rain for a time. One to watch on the Twitter account. Still warm though at 23’C.

Looking ahead it seems the weather will remain warm but occassionally unsettled.

To keep up to date with the local forecast, follow Jon, @ChadWeather on Twitter.

Have a good weekend folks.


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