Thursday 27th June – Sunday 30th June

Hi all,

It’s almost July and the weather is yet to show us a heat wave. Unfortunately, signs are that as we enter July, we will still be waiting.

The weather calmed down this week after a lively weekend, which saw us have the wettest day for almost 5 months and also, in some areas, the heaviest rain for 9 months.

After a few reasonable days this week, Thursday will start off on a similar note with some decent sunny spells. Cloud will increase as the day progresses and rain will spread from the north-west by the afternoon. Feeling humid with highs of 18’C.

Friday will dawn cloudy and some places will be dry, but most places will see some patchy, light rain. This will gradually peter out by the afternoon, and any sunshine will be limited. A bit cooler with all the cloud-cover. Highs of 15’C.

As we enter the weekend it is set to be a quiet one compared to last week.

Saturday will generally be a cloudy day with any early rain dying away to leave some bright spells, more so in the afternoon. Highs of 17’C.

Sunday again will be cloudy especially early on but some occasional sunny spells will develop and it will feel quite warm in those brighter slots. There is a risk, late on, of a shower or showery rain. Highs of 19’C.

Looking ahead into next week it is showing hints that it might turn a little more unsettled. To keep up to date with your local weather, follow Jon, @ChadWeather, on Twitter.

Have a good weekend. 😄


Thursday 20th June – Sunday 23rd June


Well some of you will be grateful that the weather will turn unsettled again as it means a bit of relief for hay fever sufferers and also a bit easier to sleep as we are losing the humid feel to our weather.

Thursday will start off a little humid and cloudy but by the evening it should start to feel fresher as some rain is expected to spread from the south and east during the day. Some areas may stay dry especially to the west until later in the evening. Highs a bit cooler at 18’C.

Friday will see some early rain die away and not a bad day is expected with some bright spells and maybe a shower. Cloudier and breezy later. Highs of 17’C.

As we enter the weekend it will unfortunately turn even more unsettled as again the Atlantic brings in some wetter weather.

Saturday may start dry but soon it will be cloudy with rain at times, some of it heavy and maybe thundery. Feeling cooler with highs of 15’C.

Sunday won’t fair much better with showers, heavy at times blown in on a westerly breeze. These showers could merge to give longer spells of rain at times. Highs of 15’C.

Looking ahead, next week is looking like it might settle down after a showery day on Monday.

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Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday 13th June – Sunday 16th June


Very tricky forecast this week.

Well that’s the warm and sunny weather over for now. It was beautiful while it lasted and I hope you all took advantage.

We are now back in the usual weather pattern of a south-westerly flow with occasional rain or showers.

Thursday looks generally cloudy and breezy with periods of rain, turning showery later in the day. Slightly cooler than recently, with highs of 15’C.

Friday will be a day of sunshine and showers at first but soon cloudier with a threat of rain before the evening. Still breezy. Highs of 16’C.

Saturday will be another breezy day with occasional showers but we should see some brightness now and again and some areas will stay dry. Highs of 16’C.

Sunday will see bright spells and showers early on but these should die away by late afternoon. Into the evening there is a chance of some more organised rain spreading in from the south-west, heavy in places. Still breezy with highs of 15’C.

Looking ahead, we may start to drag some warmer air in from the continent but this doesn’t mean the weather is going to settle down.

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Have a great weekend.


Thursday 6th June – Sunday 9th June

Hello all,

As promised, the warm weather and temperatures into the 20s arrived. Long overdue and most welcome and this nice weather is set to continue.

Thursday may start with some low cloud but this will soon burn off and a day of warm sunny spells awaits but still with some cloud now and again. Highs of 20’C

Friday will see us drag in some warmer air from the south and south-west and after any early mist or low cloud the day will again be dry with sunny spells. Warmer with 22’C possible.

Into the weekend it remains settled, sunny and warm.

Saturday and Sunday seem very similar days. Both will see sunny spells with temperatures rising to around 22’C. With the heat rising, there is an outside chance of an afternoon or evening storm, mainly on the hills, but the risk is low.

I must add that the sun’s UV levels are strong at this time of the year and you will burn easily, so throughout the decent weather, remember to apply sun cream if you’re out and about.

Looking ahead the warm and settled weather continues into next week, but it does look likely to break after Tuesday or Wednesday as we look towards the west to bring in more unsettled weather with showers at times.

Get those BBQs fired up!

To keep up to date with your local forecast follow @ChadWeather on Twitter.

Enjoy the decent weather folks. 🙂