Thursday 13th June – Sunday 16th June


Very tricky forecast this week.

Well that’s the warm and sunny weather over for now. It was beautiful while it lasted and I hope you all took advantage.

We are now back in the usual weather pattern of a south-westerly flow with occasional rain or showers.

Thursday looks generally cloudy and breezy with periods of rain, turning showery later in the day. Slightly cooler than recently, with highs of 15’C.

Friday will be a day of sunshine and showers at first but soon cloudier with a threat of rain before the evening. Still breezy. Highs of 16’C.

Saturday will be another breezy day with occasional showers but we should see some brightness now and again and some areas will stay dry. Highs of 16’C.

Sunday will see bright spells and showers early on but these should die away by late afternoon. Into the evening there is a chance of some more organised rain spreading in from the south-west, heavy in places. Still breezy with highs of 15’C.

Looking ahead, we may start to drag some warmer air in from the continent but this doesn’t mean the weather is going to settle down.

To keep up to date with your local forecast, follow @ChadWeather on Twitter.

Have a great weekend.


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