Thursday 30th October – Sunday 2nd November

Issued: Wednesday 29th October at 12:00

Hi all,

After a cooler Wednesday the milder air returns.

The rain we had on Tuesday moves back north on Thursday introducing milder weather but also dull, cloudy conditions with some rain at times, easing later with some brighter spells. Breezy. Highs of 16°C.

Very mild southerly winds in charge on Friday, with rain trying to edge in from the west. Mainly cloudy during the day but it looks likely some warm brightness may push up from the south. It could well be the warmest trick-or-treat day for 25 years. Highs of 18°C but breezy.

Windy on Saturday and generally cloudy. More rain pushes in from the west as the day progresses but again still relatively mild. Highs of 15°C.

Not much change into Sunday. Breezy with some occasional rain from the west but a chance of some brightness later on. Cooler later. Highs of 14°C.

A brief change next week as it turns a little colder for a few days with some chilly nights and temperatures close to single-figures. Doesn’t last long though as milder air returns.

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Thursday 23rd October – Sunday 26th October

Updated: Wednesday 22nd October at 20:55

Hi all,

After a windy and unsettled week the coming weekend isn’t too bad with Saturday the better day.

On Thursday we remain quite breezy with occasional showers but temperatures will have recovered slightly. Highs of 15°C.

Into Friday and we start with some rain which quickly clears to much brighter skies, showers and feeling fresher. Highs of 14°C.

High pressure builds from the south into the weekend so a little more settled.

Any early rain will clear and Saturday will be a day of bright spells with lighter winds. Highs of 13°C.

After a chilly night Sunday with see bright spells for the morning; but a freshening breeze may bring thicker cloud and an afternoon shower or some patchy rain. Highs of 13°C.

Looking ahead high pressure tries to hang on to our south, so some bright spells but if it slips away more unsettled conditions can’t be ruled out. Temperatures around average.

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Thursday 16th October – Sunday 19th October


After a record-breaking dry September we are making up for it in October as Autumn continues to make its mark.

Thursday could start wet after overnight rain which clears to give bright spells and later on we could see the odd heavy, possibly thundery, shower break out especially into the evening. Feeling milder with southerly winds. Highs of 16°C.

Friday sees a day of sunny spells with some scattered heavy showers. With a very mild southerly flow across the country we could see highs of 17°C so nice in any sunshine but breezy. Rain expected later on and into the night.

Early rain on Saturday then it will be mild and windy with some showers expected. Feeling very pleasant in the brightness sheltered from the wind. Highs of 19°C.

Bright spells on Sunday but showers likely as well. Still temperatures above average and breezy. Highs of 17°C.

We see a more westerly flow next week so temperatures eventually lowering back to more normal October levels with sunshine and showers. Still breezy at times.

September 2014 Stats: Warmest 21.2°C (16th); Coldest 6.2°C (22nd); Wettest 4.6mm (23rd); Windiest 23mph (26th); Total Rainfall 14.6mm (Exceptionally dry).

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Thursday 9th October – Sunday 12th October


We are well and truly in Autumn’s grasp now and it’s not letting go.

Thursday will see any bright or sunny spells during the morning short-lived. Heavy showers are likely to spread in soon and last into the afternoon with possible hail or thunder. Windy. Highs of 14°C.

Not a bad day on Friday with sunny spells and some scattered showers. Risk of some prolonged rain overnight. Highs of 15°C.

Saturday sunshine and showers, some heavy but less windy so feeling milder. Highs of 15°C.

Sunshine and showers again on Sunday, some heavy and slow-moving but scattered so not everyone catching one. Highs of 14°C.

Next week continues unsettled with rain and wind expected at times so remaining autumnal after a drier better Monday.

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Thursday 2nd October – Sunday 5th October

Hi all,

Finally some autumnal weather is arriving as we leave a record-breaking dry September behind.

After a cold start on Thursday with sunny spells the afternoon will turn a little cloudy but remain dry with some bright spells. Highs of 16°C.

Signs of change on the horizon as Friday arrives. Bright spells and not too bad in daylight hours then gusty winds with rain, late in the evening or overnight, which could be persistent and heavy. Highs of 17°C.

A much different feel to the weather on Saturday. At last it feels autumnal with much fresher air over the region. Any early rain clears to sunny spells and feeling colder in the fresh breeze. Highs of 14°C.

Sunday looks like a day of sunshine and showers, possibly heavy or thundery. Windy again and feeling cool. Highs of 13°C.

Looking ahead, more autumn-like weather with blustery showers and feeling cool or even cold.

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