Thursday 2nd October – Sunday 5th October

Hi all,

Finally some autumnal weather is arriving as we leave a record-breaking dry September behind.

After a cold start on Thursday with sunny spells the afternoon will turn a little cloudy but remain dry with some bright spells. Highs of 16°C.

Signs of change on the horizon as Friday arrives. Bright spells and not too bad in daylight hours then gusty winds with rain, late in the evening or overnight, which could be persistent and heavy. Highs of 17°C.

A much different feel to the weather on Saturday. At last it feels autumnal with much fresher air over the region. Any early rain clears to sunny spells and feeling colder in the fresh breeze. Highs of 14°C.

Sunday looks like a day of sunshine and showers, possibly heavy or thundery. Windy again and feeling cool. Highs of 13°C.

Looking ahead, more autumn-like weather with blustery showers and feeling cool or even cold.

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