Thursday 23rd February 2017 – Sunday 26th February 2017

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The final blog of winter 16/17 and what a disappointment it has been, when it comes to proper cold and snow. However, even though March is classed as Spring, I expect it will throw some cold spells at us with some snow before we feel the Spring warmth that we’ve all been waiting for.

Before all that, Storm Doris, and with her, an AMBER weather warning which is not that common, even during winter. The storm is yet to form. It will be developing quickly as it approaches and crosses the UK. At the time of publishing these are the warnings: Yellow and Amber Weather Warnings.


The warning areas – we just sit in the AMBER area

Thursday: Be aware that there could be disruptive weather with some structural damage. The day will dawn quite ‘calm’ with what’s to come, with some rain moving in from the west. The rain will become heavy and from mid-morning the winds will increase quickly. Widely we can expect gusts to 50mph. There will be a spell of windier conditions, where we could locally see 60mph gusts and perhaps up to 80mph in exposed places. These gusts are strong enough to damage property and uproot trees. The strongest gusts are expected to be between 11am-3pm but times may vary so watch out for updates on Twitter. As the storm moves through, the winds will turn northwesterly and introduce colder air, so don’t be surprised to see some sleet or snow from mid-afternoon onwards. This is more likely to fall on higher ground (above 300M) and on the Pennines where there will be a few inches. Although it will become less windy into the evening, we can still expect gusts to 40mph. Overnight, further wintry showers with possible hail and feeling colder. Max 9°C which will be during the morning.



Storm Doris will bring a lot of snow to Southern Scotland and Northern England

Friday: A much quieter day. Once you have found your garden furniture, we can expect some showers early on but then drying up and remaining mostly cloudy with less wind. Further rain overnight. Max 6°C

Saturday: Early rain will move through but some blustery showers will follow on behind. Another spell of windy weather with gusts to 35-40mph. Milder. Max 10°C

Sunday: It should be a fine start with some bright spells. Cloud thickening later on as another low pressure comes in with some rain and breezy conditions. Max 9°C

Looking ahead: Next week will start cooler with some showers. The rest of the week will see it slowly turn milder as the weather settles down. Drier conditions favourable but a lot of cloud once more. Let’s hope March sees a decent snowfall before we close the door on Winter 16/17.



Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 22nd of February at 12:00pm


Thursday 16th February 2017 – Sunday 19th February 2017

Hi all,

How awful and baltic was that wind earlier this week? Thankfully the bitter air and howling gale have moved away and we’re back to a slightly milder theme with cloudier skies. The snow predicted last week, did arrive, but again, as seems to be the case these days, it’s saved for the higher ground where conditions were treacherous. 

Thursday: Bright spells here and there. A chance of a shower or two but isolated. Breezy and mild. Showery rain arrives into the evening and overnight. Max 10°C 

Friday: Early showers then slowly drying up, but staying mostly cloudy. Another double-digit day. Max 10°C

Saturday & Sunday: Generally cloudy. Some mist & fog likely in the morning and slow to clear in a few spots. During the day, some drizzle on the hills but other places dry. Any bright spells in sheltered spots away from the mild west to southwesterly flow. Max 9-11°C

Looking ahead: Remaining mild with temperatures around double-figures, possibly higher early in the week. Signs temperatures will drop away later in the month as colder air returns, this time possibly from the northwest.

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Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 15th of February at 20:00

Thursday 9th February 2017 – Sunday 12th February 2017

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As predicted in the last blog, colder weather with winds from the East is on its way.

As for snow, read on.

Thursday: The colder weather is now upon us with a frosty start. Variable cloud and dry with any bright spells to the west. Feeling very cold with a nagging breeze which might bring some snow flurries. Frosty later and some icy stretches where wintry showers have fallen. Max 3°C


A subzero windchill over the coming days – several layers needed

Friday: Feeling raw with a bitter, easterly wind and some snow flurries or snow grains in the air. Some bright spells, if any, favoured further west. Frost overnight. Max 2°C but some places in the hills not getting above freezing.

A cold weekend ahead as the easterly flow persists and this could bring snow.


Sleet & snow spreading in from the East Saturday evening into Sunday morning

Saturday: Another mostly cloudy day and cold. Later into the evening and overnight a weather system will come in from the North Sea and move westward bringing some snow inland. Some low-lying areas might see rain or sleet. Certainly one to watch. Max 4°C

Sunday: Don’t be surprised to wake up to see a covering of snow especially in areas above 200M. Any rain, sleet or snow should ease away leaving a drier day with bright spells. Becoming less cold later in the day. Max 5°C


Milder from the S or SE early next week, especially on Tuesday

Looking ahead: We lose the freezing, easterly feed so it will become milder and any lying snow will melt quickly. Mostly dry with bright spells and overnight frosts.

I’ve compared this winter so far, to last winter. It just shows how very wet last winter was.

1st Dec-7th Feb


Av. Temp 7.1°C
Rain 371.6mm
Wet Days 62
Dry Days 7


Av. Temp 5.5°C
Rain 145.4mm
Wet Days 49
Dry Days 20


Forecast Issued: Wednesday the 8th of February 2017 at 12:05
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Thursday 2nd February 2017 – Sunday 5th February 2017

Hi all,

As we enter February our weather looks to turn wet and windy with a chance of the next named-storm; Storm Doris affecting some parts of the UK.


Low pressure in charge Thursday & Friday

Thursday: Low pressure arrives from the southwest so expect it to turn wet and windy with pulses of rain. Some drier slots. Gusts to 40mph likely especially later. Mild throughout. Max 11°C

Friday: A brighter start with some sunshine. Now there is some uncertainty about this but another low pressure could track in from the southwest with the potential for some strong winds with gusts up to 50mph. A warning was issued but now has been cancelled as the low is likely to track futher south. So the thinking is, bright spells and drier during the day, winds increasing later with some rain into the evening. Max 9°C

Cooler over the weekend but any frost limited.

Saturday: Cooler with some showers. Not as windy as recently. Max 6°C

Sunday:  A chilly day with a few scattered showers but in between weather systems means we should have a reasonable day with some bright spells as well. Max 6°C


Colder with wintry showers midweek next week?

Looking ahead: Rain arriving later on Monday then midweek a chance of wintry showers and colder air from the East to finish the week. Finally some proper cold and snowfall?


Proper winter cold from the East arriving later next week?

January 2017 Stats

Max 9.9°C (11th)
Min -2.7°C (5th)
Wettest 12.8mm (15th)
Windiest 41mph (11th)
Rain 82mm
Rainy Days 23
Dry Days 8
Air Frosts Days 7
Snow Falling Days 3
Snow Lying Days 2

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Forecast Issued on Wednesday the 1st of February 2017 at 12:15