Thursday 29th August – Sunday 1st September

Hi all,

I hope you all enjoyed the glorious Bank Holiday weather we experienced. In weather-terms we are now leaving the summer months behind and entering into autumn and it will certain feel it this weekend.

Thursday will dawn bright but cloud soon increasing and some light rain possible across the region as the afternoon progresses and winds increasing. Highs of 19’C.

Friday will be a generally cloudy and windy day with a fresh westerly breeze. Any early brightness should be short-lived and rain is expecting late afternoon and evening but only patchy. Highs of 20’C.

Saturday will see the weather feel more autumnal as cooler air has spread in from the north-west. It will be a windy day with bright spells and the odd shower possible. Feeling cool especially in the breeze. Highs of only 15’C.

Sunday will maintain the weekend’s cool, bright and windy theme with showers possible blown in on a fresh north-westerly wind but most places dry. Highs a chilly 14’C.

Looking ahead we will see temperatures recover slightly but with a fresh westerly breeze which will give a shower-risk at times.

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Thursday 22nd August – Monday 26th August


A couple of warm days in this forecast but no sign of the summery weather returning, that we saw in July, as we approach the end of August.

Thursday will be a cloudy day with possible drizzle at first but I am hopeful it will brighten up later in the day as the cloud breaks and it will feel quite warm and humid. Highs of 22’C.

Friday looks likely to be a day of very warm bright spells and again feeling humid, especially with light winds. By the evening there is potential for the cloud to bubble up and produce some late-in-the-day sharp showers. Rain is expected overnight. Highs of 24’C.

Unfortunately the weekend sees the weather turn unsettled and a bit unpredictable as low pressure tries to establish itself over the UK.

Saturday will see a few bands of heavy showers across the region for most of the day and it will eventually feel a little cooler and less humid by the evening. Highs of 19’C.

Sunday will be a better day than Saturday with sunshine and showers and with temperatures around average. Again some showers will be heavy but some places maybe lucky enough to miss them. Highs of 20’C.

Looking ahead to Bank Holiday Monday; at the moment it seems to be another day of sunshine and showers but with the showers becoming less heavy and more scattered. Highs of 20’C.

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Have a great Bank Holiday weekend.


Thursday 15th August – Sunday 18th August

Hi all,

I have had a lot of questions about whether summer has finished for this year. Well don’t lose hope yet as current long-term forecasts point towards it turning settled, sunnier and very warm again once we enter into midweek next week, so hopefully a decent end to August.

After a muggy night, Thursday will dawn cloudy with light rain or drizzle around and this sets the pattern for the day. We may see some brighter weather later in the day but generally cloudy with bits and pieces of rain around. Feeling humid with highs of 20’C.

It doesn’t get much better as we enter Friday. The day will see some periods of rain around in the morning which will eventually clear away during the afternoon as a little fresher but breezier weather pushes in from the west with some showers. Highs of 18’C.

Weather fronts pushing in from the Altantic take charge over the weekend so not great for planning anything outside.

Saturday should start bright but quickly this will be replaced by wet and windy weather as rain sweeps in from the west. Most of the day will be wet and breezy and it will feel cooler too. Highs of only 16’C.

Sunday will be another cool and breezy day. Any early rain will die out and leave us with a day of sunshine and occassional heavy showers blown in on a stiff westerly breeze. Highs of 17’C.

Looking ahead into next week sees a showery day on Monday but confidence is there after that for high pressure to build and the weather to settle down and hopefully giving us another chance to taste summer. Still a long way off and subject to change but I have my fingers crossed.

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Have a great weekend.

Thursday 8th August – Sunday 11th August


We are now over week into August and we seem to have left the hot weather of July behind us. For now, that will remain the case but long-term forecasting weather models are hinting at a decent end to August. A long way off but something to pin our hopes on.

Thursday looks like being a reasonable day with sunny spells and just a low risk of a light shower. Light winds and highs of 21’C making it pleasant in the sun.

Friday will see a weather front spread some drizzly to light rain in from the west but some places may escape dry as the band of rain weakens. In general it will be a cool, breezy and cloudy day with any brightness limited and arriving late in the day. Highs of 18’C.

Saturday should see the return to sunshine and light showers. Some areas will miss the showers and it won’t feel too bad in the sunshine. Highs of 20’C.

Sunday may start off on a bright note but it will soon become cloudier and showery and these will be blown in on a brisk westerly breeze. Highs of 18’C.

Looking ahead into next week, the weather will remain unsettled at times and with temperatures around average for August.

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Have a great weekend.